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#DidYouKnow - Lightning does strike (more than) twice! It is believed that the lady liberty gets hit by up to 600 bolts of lightning every year. More wow facts about the Statue of Liberty… #StatueOfLiberty #LadyLiberty #LightningStrike #Facts #MocomiKids
The 🔑 to happiness is to not give a f*** 😌🫠
💡 166,875,000,000 pieces of mail are delivered each year in the US #facts #FactBytes
It's Funtastic Fact Friday brought to you by the power of #lightrail. In honour of #ELRC23, it is an European themed fact. Did you know...? In Spanish, a cockerel does not crow 'Cock-a-doodle-doo' but rather '¡qui-qui-ri-quí!' #facts #ididnotknowthat #nottramsorLRTbutfun
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I can honestly say that #WrestleRex is Independent Wrestling as it’s very best! I’m insanely proud of everyone who works by my side to pull off this level of production. You’re not gonna find a better “Non televised” wrestling event anywhere on Earth! 😉 #Facts
Thank You #Pittsburgh #WrestleRex is absolutely PACKED!!!
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How people on twitter support girls and boys 😂😅 #Facts
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#Rwanda no producer but #export-er of #coltan. 95% from #DRC #Congo #DRCongo by smuggling. Confirmed by reports #UN experts and own journalistic research on the ground. No pictures nor reports available on Rwandan coltan production. Please respect #facts before propaganda.
Rwanda was the world's 3rd largest Coltan producer in 2021 behind DR Congo and Brazil. Rwandan coltan mines are believed to produce the world's best quality coltan reaching up to 60% Ta2O5. 📊 STATISTA 2022 #FactsOnRwanda #RwOT
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#facts babe
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Gotta love this classic capture. There’s something about revisiting these vintage #JawaMotorcycles moments… truly was a golden age for motorcycle lovers! #tbt #facts #jawa #past
A eunuch, even one playing dress-up, isn’t a woman. Unless someone has found a way to turn XY to XX. Hmmm, nothing in the science journals… #science #facts #istandwithterfs
It must be nice to have someone that makes yo feel safe. Safe to express. Safe to feel. Safe to speak. Safe to think. Just safe. I love that. I love an emotionally validating human. I love an active listener. I love reciprocity. #facts
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Agree 100%! Team Mel! A no from me! #facts