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Replying to @1116prty
this is my #fallback ignore this
VonaOilbhe retweeted
⌛It's #FallBack time! Sleep in and then set your Clocky back an hour! (If you live in a place that does #DaylightSavingTime thing, that is!) ⏰
Now ask @KDTrey5 if he wants to be traded, go 'head and ask him, #LETZGETIT don't keep stealing my shit lil nigga, I'm waaay older than u. #FallBack😤
Oonagh Ganley retweeted
Join us today for food, rugby, football, music! And maybe a 🍺 or 2️⃣🏉🎉⚽️🕺💃Live music from 9pm #Fallback #billingshurst #SixNations #GuinnessSixNations
Send @Viber or @WhatsApp text messages to your customers. 🤔 But what if some of them don’t have either of those apps? Not to worry, by activating our #fallback feature, those customers will automatically receive your #message via SMS. So no message is ever lost!
Good luck with that extra hour of sleep! #fallback
Della Rifido retweeted
Don't forget to set your clock back tonight! Catch up on your beauty rest & give your eyes an extra boost of radiance with our Genifique Light Pearl Eye Mask. #DaylightSavings #FallBack
crisp730 retweeted
Hoes get mad when you talk to they boyfriend, bitch we ain't friends #fallback
People be mad when you don't tell them personal information and business about yourself. It makes ppl so frustrated that they can't get gossipping information #Fallback #gossip #thirstqueens #thatmessyShit
crisp730 retweeted
Niggas will fuck you over and then get mad when they feel like you’ve found somebody new. #FallBack
Replying to @TheBeatWithAri
@AriMelber do we really benefit from platforming the likes of @mattgaetz and #peternavarro? Seems gratuitous. #fallback
Yea I'ma go home, because I feel like she wanted to watch and whole time I have to stop cause you won't say nun to your cousin 🤦🏾‍♀️ #imoverit #shewantyou #fallback #yummiisthoughts
@ShayBer14032717 how do I stop getting u homos as a straight man with all these gay tweets? Stop it’s spamming and annoying. Am I on some gay list cuz there’s a mistake I’m on the other team. #fallback #spam I’m gonna start #reporting your teams accounts
.@OfficialSting I haven't listened to this in a minute I think ill go get a glass of Glenfiddich and #FallBack and don't stand so close