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We're SO #proud of what we have achieved! Working with primary & secondary schools to equip young people with a balanced & informed insight into #foodproduciton #farming This year we’ve worked with: 🧒35,610 young people 🧑‍🏫1570 teachers 🧑‍🌾485 farmers 👇…
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Super excited to share our latest impacts report – our highlights, our achievements, our partnerships & our future direction. Huge thanks to everyone we work with for supporting our work in connecting young people with #farming #food #environment 🚜🍓🦋…
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💡Farm Folks Fact: All animals in the game can become your pet and travel with you around. You also can ride most of the animals in the game. #screenshotsaturday #indiegame #videogames #farming #FarmFolks
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$VOLT will be listed on Jubi at 19:00 on November 29th, 2022(UTC+8)!🥳@VoltInuOfficial Volt Inu is a hyper-deflationary token whose aim is to invest in multiple asset classes such as #NFTs, #nodes, #altcoins, #staking & #farming of stablecoins. 💰Trade:
Nouveau décryptage pour vous : Le Conseil Stratégique Phytosanitaire (CSP) 🔍 Le premier conseil stratégique est à réaliser avant le 31 décembre 2023, soyez prêts 😉… #agriculture #farming #agtech #3VA
Getting back into the field after a dry season, a pest infection, an unforeseen surge in livestock death, when mother nature is unpredictable, when the venture is new and the outcome is unknown. It is this stubbornness that makes us farmers. #farming #youngfarmers #womenfarmers
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My name is Katishi Ngoepe (25) from Nelly Ga-Malope, Limpopo. I’m a #farmer🧑🏾‍🌾producing vegetables such as beetroot, cabbage🥬, spinach🥬, peppers🫑,tomatoes🍅, & sweet potatoes🍠. I am also processing beetroot & selling it canned in glass tins. #agribusiness #farming #agriculture
@kenyansista how it looks like #farming
Meet Charmaine and Michelle, the twins who left United Kingdom during Co-vid 19 pandemic to venture into agribusiness in Zimbabwe. While in Zimbabwe, they discovered there was high demand for mushrooms and a low supply, so they decided to venture into mushroom farming.
Nigerians have no right to complain of hunger, says President Buhari -… - #Bokoharam #Buhari #Farming
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Did you miss @ASA_CSSA_SSSA's webinar with Nutrien Senior Agronomist Alan Blaylock? Learn how soil pH affects nutrient availability, management and remediation practices, and potential soil amendments. Log in to view the webinar: #farming #agriculture
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Time for #Netherlands to elect a new government. #farming #food