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Replying to @thehill @RepNadler
馃檹 please鈥o the powers that be, let the dem senate control expand so we can ignore Manchin and Sinema. Then we #filibusterReform, pack the court, and give DC and PR statehood
He is telling people to vote for them. And quite frankly it's our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable, including letting them know when we think they could be doing a better job. And elected Democrats could certainly be doing a better job. #filibusterreform
@SenSchumer, This is the most important legislation at the moment. What happened to #VotingRights #ClimateAction #abortionrights #ElectionIntegrity #PandemicFunding #FilibusterReform These are critical issues people most care about. We need to see some progress before midterms
Senate Democrats roll out long-awaited bill to legalize marijuana
America needs a national pro-democracy movement to stop the anti-democracy movement now underway. This is not a battle of left vs. right. It is a battle between democracy and autocracy
Who was the "President of the United States" this year (2022)? What political party controls both branches of Congress?馃 Stolen elections have consequences and the only people to blame are those using the #GOPDomesticTerrorists" hashtag. Own your "vote" liberals.