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PammsyNow retweeted
Yessir! It’s damn proper for the tax paying citizens to know how #RINO .@GeoffDuncanGA was spending OUR money on his way out the door. #gapol
Geoff Duncan & Co. defrauded the taxpayers of Georgia, jetsetting across Europe on the way out of office while Georgians struggled to make ends meet. Georgia is lucky to have a fighter like @burtjonesforga to expose his corruption and fight for the taxpayers of this state.
Mark Niesse retweeted
After a year of legal maneuvering from Camden County, the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that the county has to adhere to the wishes of its voters. They petitioned to hold an election and voted ocerwhelmingly to oppose the county purchasing land to build a spaceport. #gapol
.@GovKemp every state needs to be investigating! @FreedomCaucusGA all Georgians want answers! #BeBraver #gapol
To heal someone, every doctor must begin with an honest conversation about what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and what to do about it. That’s our job now: to start an honest conversation with the public, @RepMcCormick writes.
Some work news: With the Ga. Senate race over, I am joining the @ajc team covering the Trump grand jury in Atlanta. Thrilled to be working with @TamarHallerman and @ajccourts. Tune in for what could be a wild ride! #gapol #gasen
Put it this way, Conservatives aren't Conservatives anymore & they were always more about tearing things down than conserving anything anyway. @PoliticsGPB #gapol
Re-burn the 3rd precinct retweeted
Just days ago, ATL mayor and DeKalb CEO praised the public safetytraining center's advisory committee. Now one member is appealing the project's land disturbance permit and another has revealed she quit over the police killing a protester.… #atlpol #gapol
The city has lied about Cop City before. 85 acres includes footprint of buildings, not all the forested acreage that will be destroyed. Land would be cleared and “turned into turf fields, shooting ranges, horse stables labeled ‘green space.’” #flooding #dangerzone #GApol #runoff
“Our firm line is no cop city anywhere,” said Jasmine Burnett, Org Dir at Community Movement Builders. “No destruction of the forest at all. They say it’s only 85 acres. And allegedly, the rest will be left for public use. But that’s 85 acres too much.” #GApol #CancelTheLease
Not On My Watch retweeted
Sen. @ossoff on the antisemitic mailers that hit many Jewish homes this weekend: “Georgia’s Jewish community will not be intimidated by cowardly acts of hate. I condemn in the strongest terms this weekend’s despicable attempt to sow fear and division …” #gapol #atlpol
HAPPENING NOW: @GovKemp and @GAFirstLady are participating in a roundtable meeting of the anti-gang network hosted by @Georgia_AG. #gapol
Ok @GovKemp stop all funding for @FultonInfo if they are going to waste taxpayers’ 💰 on this nonsensical task force… #Georgia is not California #gapol #gagov #kemp @ajc #ajc
Replying to @ashley4access
I did that dual enrollment thing! But back before HOPE. Spent senior HS year at Oglethorpe. Sad, but back then I got almost zero guidance on anything in HS or college, even when I asked. Glad to see more guidance & mentoring happening now - that's the imprtant part! #gapol