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Sam Suleiman retweeted
Women & Girls Safe Spaces are an integral, life-saving intervention when programming for #GBV in emergencies. #SafeAndEmpowered answers many of the questions @unfpa frequently receives about Safe Spaces. Learn how the Safe Spaces support women & girls:
UNFPA Haïti retweeted
@UNFPA⁩ : ExBoard first regular session UNFPA Deputy Executive Director ⁦@dienekeita⁩ remarks introducing the CPDs 2023-2027 submitted to board - Focus on achieving the 3 transformative results. ⁦@UNFPAHaiti#maternalheatlh #GBV #ICPD.
Dr Joht Singh Chandan retweeted
On our way to #London. Next week we have three intensive days of meetings @TheLancet Commission on #GBV #VAC #VAWG building out our report. Thx to co-chair @FlaviaBustreo and Secretariat and Sci Advisory leaders @beverleyessue @UofT @drnursenick @UMiamiNursing
Bhakta Prasad Gaire🇳🇵 retweeted
Shame on you @CricketNep 😡This is an insult to everyone fighting against #GBV Repeatedly showing rape accused from the official social media account is the lowest you can stoop too! Disgusting! #CAN does not represent #BoycottCAN #IStandWithTheSurvivor
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Feminist Support For Youth Initiative Uganda retweeted
#GBV has huge impacts on survivors and communities. During the #16daysofactivism read our @WW2PreventVAWG report on the #economic and social costs of #VAWG.
Unless we as a society commit to raising a generation of #men who DON'T think of #women as inferior, objects of gratification, or mere subjects of control, BUT instead accept & respect them as human beings with irreplaceable roles in homes & societies, #GBV will only increase...
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M. Gabriella Micale retweeted
We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of young blogger Tiba Ali, a victim of domestic violence. Italy strongly condemns honour killings and calls on the Iraqi authorities to take appropriate measures against #GBV
I am appalled by the brutal murder of the 22 year old Tiba al-Ali. I call on the GoI to end impunity in cases of domestic and gender based violence and to explicitly criminalise these acts in accordance with international human rights standards by passing relevant laws. 1/
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For me this is the standout track from ‘La La Land’, with an earworm riff from the gods themselves. With at least one more album due in 2023, I have high hopes of further #GBV goodness soon. Until then keep us here…
Hayoung Abena-Pendo Jeon, MDP, PRINCE2® retweeted
This week, @UNFPAMocambique visited women-safe spaces under construction in #Nampula & met with 👮🏽‍♀️👩🏾‍⚕️ focal points to strengthen coordination on #GBV case referral One example is a GBV tool 📖 for health care providers 🩺 to assess, report & deliver timely services to survivors
mbea mbea retweeted
In emergency, women and girls are the most affected by the crisis. Today @UNFPA🇷🇼 handed over Dignity kits targeting vulnerable women, including pregnant women, those in postpartum and #GBV survivors from #DRCongo asylum seekers in #Nkamira transit centre.
I feel like the laws against #GBV are not hard enough… they need to be harsh on this issue cos it’s getting out of hand💔