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Here is a politician not afraid of passing gun laws. Thank you for being an example of strength #GavinNewsom #Newsom2024
Here is an image the @NRA and the @GOP are hoping you won't see. Turns out, smart gun laws work...
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Now would be a good time to drop the BS #GavinNewsom. You've got a $30B budget deficit & you've promised the Black residents in your state almost $1T in "reparations".
NEW: California now has the strongest oversight and accountability measures on Big Oil of any state in the nation. No more operating in the shadows. No more ripping families off at the pump. Big Oil’s 100 year reign over our politics is coming to an end.…
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#GavinNewsom drove generation's of my family out of California since he took office. He has destroyed my beautiful home State. He is by far the worst Governor in the United States 🖕
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@SusanBassi We have a systemic infection at the bar! Inertia is not just a property of the physical. It is equally a property of socioeconomic & political. Past effects the future. #JimTowery #JudgeTowery #JoeDunn #TomGirardi #Dole #CaliforniaALL #GavinNewsom #LeslieBrodieReport
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#GavinNewsom Rocks! Call them all out!!
BOOM! California Governor Gavin Newsom DESTROYS GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn for saying she was “ready to assist” the people of Covenant School in Nashville and for calling for prayers over the shooting. “You received $1,306,130 in donations from the NRA,” Newsom wrote. “You……
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❤️❤️❤️ this man @CAgovernor Will B amazing POTUS. #GavinNewsom tough, outspoken, articulate & ready 4 the fight with fascist GOP. #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPClownShowContinues #GOPDeathCult #GOPGunsOverChildren #VoteBlue24ToSaveAmerica #mccarthyresign #2024election #FascistGOP
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#GavinNewsom hidden twitter account oh maybe #KamalaHarris #RussianBot
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Hey @GavinNewsom @JenSiebelNewsom here you are dining at The #FrenchLaundry with 11 lobbyists breaking your own #Covid mandates. This NEVER GETS OLD! #GavinNewsom
Here is an image @GavinNewsom is hoping you won't see. Turns out, his policies don't work.