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Team YI (and our friends at @VPLC) were out in DC today supporting a fix to the #FamilyGlitch, which currently locks 5 million people out of affordable health coverage. Let's #FixTheGlitch so more people can #GetCovered! @CommCatHealth
This was a whirlwind to navigate as a new intern and then again as a new attending when I raised my benefits. #getcovered ASAP. You cannot predict the future.
Disability Insurance for Physicians - What to buy! When to buy it! And why! @StethoscopeOn brings the real life experience navigating physician-specific DI decisions, @Broc_Buckles brings the DI expertise, and I’m just along for the ride! 😆…
You can find us at community events all throughout Bexar, Atascosa, DeWitt, Karnes and Wilson counties!! 🤗 We will be happy to answer all of your questions about health insurance and the #Marketplace 🤍 #GetCovered 📞 (210) 761-3420 or 1-855-949-OPEN 💻
After years of work to diversify Delaware’s ACA Marketplace, residents will have the most health insurer options in the state’s history! #GetCovered
Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro announced today that two new health insurers will join the Delaware Health Insurance Marketplace in 2023:…
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Prioritize your health during #PrideMonth! Enrolling in comprehensive health insurance is one way to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Go to today to check out your coverage options. #GetCovered
Before the #AffordableCareAct, Latino children had the highest levels of uninsurance. Thanks to the ACA, they experienced the largest drop in uninsurance. #GetCovered
NCCHCA retweeted is open for you to shop, compare, and enroll in a 2022 health plan. Make sure you and your family are covered. Schedule an appointment to talk with an enrollment assister.… #getcovered
Don't have a gap in coverage! If your Medi-Cal eligibility recently changed, you may qualify to enroll in health insurance through @CoveredCA. Contact a #CBHN #EnrollmentRepresentative to find out more:…. #GetCovered #CoveredCA
The #AffordableCareAct has reduced the uninsured rate among LGBTQ+ populations by nearly half since 2010. #GetCovered
📿The PreNeed Doula📿 Preparing for End of Life is Not Surrendering Who You Are…. #PlanningIsCaring #TexasPreNeed #PreNeedTexas #FamilyCarePlan #GetCovered 🕊🕊