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Voice of Pelham retweeted
Overview of COVID-19 in Niagara as of November 28. ✅#MaskUp#GetVaxxed#GetBoosted#PhysicalDistance#StayHome#WashYourhands 💉…
Carol Martin retweeted
Seems like the right time for this (again 😩😷) Please #retweet so we can keep our cases down! 🙏🏼 #maskup #WearAMask #COVID #coronavirus #GetVaccinated #getvaxxed #msnbc #SocialDistancing #maddow #bitmojimaddow
Join us Friday December 2nd for another event at @daviselementarysausd! #santaana #getvaxxed #vaccinateall58 #nonprofit #ocha #ocmecca
BCS community health workers put on a Day of Action event at Penn Wortman Community Center for seniors! Community members received both their COVID-19 bivalent booster and flu shots! Notable guests included NY State Senator Roxanne Persaud! #WeAreBCS #covidisparities #getvaxxed
I sat down with @11AliveNews to discuss holiday plans on Thanksgiving Eve. Hopefully everyone had a fun, relaxing, and safe time with family and friends. #StaySafe #TheHolidaysAreHere #GetVaxxed
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Each of u that backs the pathetic excuse for a human Lori, hopefully you get your just reward! #GetVaxxed
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I am fully vaxxed and have never gotten COVID. Even after family members have had it, time flying, attending conferences and visiting Disney for a week. #fingerscrossed #getvaxxed
We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving festivities! Now is the perfect moment to reflect on how to keep your family safe from COVID19. #GetVaxxed at any of our sites today! Visit or call 832-927-8787 to find the COVID-19 vaccine nearest to you.
OMG thank you from the bottom of my heart. I work with the public. A woman came in and highly touted this movie. It took every bit of strength to not respond. #getvaxxed
The “died suddenly” shockumentary is ridiculous disinformation. Let me count the ways…./1
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Same for vaccinations too. #GetVaxxed
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Living 1 step above homeless man these #pandemic daze so really hope ur right Mr. President! Still available if youz at @WhiteHouse or @CDCgov or @HHSGov or yaddaville need outside the box #GetVaxxed campaign…… #CyberMonday