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Contact us for any help with your article and online class with an affordable price #Kherson #ghostworker
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You can address the guy's issue but can't explain why you were receiving salaries whilst out of work. #ghostworker
One of the toxic things about election campaign time is that, you will endorse malignant act from any of your camp member, but if tomorrow you're in another camp, you will condemn same malignant act. #peaceforNigeria #mumutoomuch #ghostworker #BreakingNews #IndependenceDay2022
* l'Insurtech * la Proptech * la Regtech * les Robo-Advisors et la technologie d'apprentissage. Prochainement nous allons voir plus en détails chacune d'elles 🧑🏾‍💻 En attenant, passez une excellent journée. #NotchPayOnFintech #IntuitivePayments #GhostWorker #NotchPay
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Hello la famille La semaine dernière nous avons faire un bref aperçu sur les technologies financières (#Fintech), aujourd'hui nous vous présentons quelques uns. #NotchPayOnFintech #IntuitivePayments #GhostWorker #NotchPay
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Hope she is not the female version of ex-VP Namadi Sambo #ghostworker
God wil give you money that will come with no stress, Like the type he is giving to the Deputy Governor of Rivers State.
Typiskt restaurangjobb: har schema till 20.30. Sista gästerna är bokade 20.30. #ghostworker
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What can a #GhostWorker teach that son of Mululu??!!
We are fixing this f nation from pple like WSR. Ruto tawe. #ghostworker
Why should a right thinking civil servant share PROPER NIS report with number one #Ghostworker ?
Why should a right thinking civil servant share PROPER NIS report with the number one #Ghostworker ?
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The last pictures as a government #GhostWorker with Diplomats. Next pictures will be that of the #OppositionLeader with.....sijui
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I can only hope that the #BrotherOfFikileMbalula, the #GhostWorker who has been diligently stealing #SATaxpayersMoney FOR YEARS, is ALSO arrested, and that his #ANCconnections, i.e. #FikileMbalula, won't shield him from prosecution!!
Huyu jamaa anakuwa kumbaf tu... hapa anakataa kabisa ati ako nje ya serikali. Akikuja kwa wakenya Ooooh kazi yangu ilienda kwa ule jamaa. Ooh sijui uhuru anipigie simu... Nkt #GhostWorker #YuleNo2 #sugoi
The Bible condemns ghost workers.According to the Holy Scripture, he who does not work should also not eat.Ruto cannot continue to eat public money without working for the public #GhostWorker
While as a country we have had challenges of ghost workers,we never imagined that our own Deputy President would become the number one #GhostWorker