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Children still in cages Gas Prices Violent Crime N Korea & Iran launching missiles #Bidenflation at a 40 year high Weaponized #FBI Empty shelves Puberty blockers, Grooming & Attack on parental rights #Globalism #HunterBiden #BidenBorderCrisis #WorstPresidentEver
"Committed to improving the state of the world" I wonder if that's allusion that they see the world becoming not even united states style federation but like one state under their totalitarian rule #globalism #wef
No More Money For institutions or those who actively want #Globalism or who continue to push the #UniPartyEstablishment #TheRNC (Ronna Romney’s Club) and those who lose elections purposely, who don’t care about #MAGARepublicans, *Should NOT get a penny or vote from #MAGA again.
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Linking to what the speaker said about #globalism Trump announcement at UN (We reject the ideology of globalism)!
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4- #فساد_العولمة أغلق كثير من مصانعUSA أوروبا نقلها للصين بحجة رخص أجور العمال! نتج عنه تفشى الفساد المالي والبطالة بدول كبرى؟! أدركت أمريكا الكارثة اعلنت في الأمم المتحدة الإنسحاب من #العولمة وإتفافياتها بعد خراب مالطا؟! يتبع…
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NOW is the time to take down the WEF. Boycott every support structure, call them out, mock them, draw attention to their policies, supporters, allies and infiltrators. Don't relent. @wef #Rules4Radicals #Globalism #Agenda2030 #TheGreatReset #PushBack #SayNO #CBDCs #DigitalIDs.
Almost every advert in Europe now shows black people despite the fact that we are NOT a black continent. This is extremely irritating and sick social engineering. Globalist companies are collaborators of racist (anti white) open borders ideology. Criminal. #Globalism #GreatReset
Nunca foi CIÊNCIA, sempre foi #ControleSocial #Globalismo It was never SCIENCE, it was always #SocialControl #Globalism
A powerful boost to the global movement fighting for a better world. Will be multilingual: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch #WEF #WHO #Globalists #StopGlobalism #Globalism #AntiGlobalism #StopWorldControl #Nationalism #ClimateScam
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Imagine dodging a draft, only to be extradited by the other country you're living in... #globalism
We need a DOJ that prioritizes the American people’s concerns, not the leftist elites.
If you ever wonder what the Ukraine war is all about... this is all you need to watch. #UkraineRussiaWar #Zelenskyy @elonmusk @catturd2 #globalism #EndTimes UKRAINE 2030 THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION via @YouTube
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If they will lie about, maybe even help develop, a virus, they will most certainly lie about "Climate Change"." It's another "Elites get rich" scam #Corruption #BigPharma #Globalism #Globalist
Inderdaad #slavernij is slavernij & excuses werken alleen as je het niet weer doet. Dit gaat enkel om geld drom wil @PolitiekBIJ1 de zefde status als #Zionists binnen #Globalism #hetkloptniet #slavernijdebat #excuses @BoerBurgerB Rascisme bestaat nie
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Klimaathysterie in gemeente moet stoppen. D66 vind het hilarisch dat bewoners meer moeten betalen. Wij bij FVD Haarlemmermeer vinden dit niet normaal! Wij gaan niet mee in deze absurde energietransitie. FVD wilt de welvaart van de bewoners behouden. #FVD