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If you accept yourself the way you are, then can do you grow? If you think you're good enough as you are, then would you ever feel the need to check yourself? But why do you have to check yourself so much? Just Be kind to yourself. #Kindness #Growth #honesty #bodhie
Facebook ads class today with @Ardarh1 was boom!!!! You are good ma @splendiduche thank you for this platform @growthxsplendid @gdglagos We keep learning and growing #growth
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Knowing what to put in your strategic plan is essential for real growth. Having well considered short, medium and long term objectives and metrics in place will keep you on track. @JohnGCourtney #growth #strategy #business
It’s not so much how long you practice. It is how you practice that has the most direct impact on growth! Check out this clip for tips. #Growth #dontwingit #salescoach #salesperformance #leadership #salesleadership #successtips
How do you practice? Ever wonder how the great ones practice? Check out this clip for 4 characteristics of deliberate practice, and how great professionals make the most of their practice time. #dontwingit #salescoach #salesperformance #leadership #salesleadership #successtips
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Learn how Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) can create a competitive advantage while doing more with less. Download the guide: #MSDyn365
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We are still buzzing from the excitement and fun we had at the Norrenberger Abuja fitlife event one week later. For those who were unable to attend the event, here is a video to show you how much fun you missed out on. #NBabujafitlife #norrenberger #growth #wealth
We are pleased to announce our new #Advisory #Board which comprises of four leading experts from the #telecoms industry. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise will definitely augur well for the continued #growth and #success of Neptune Communications.
#PPE sales are projected to surpass $53 B by the end of 2022. Rising #workplace fatalities coupled with increased awareness of work-related health & safety measures among workers & manufacturers drive #growth in the market. More from @YahooFinance: #RT
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Good evening! As we approach the weekend, lets take a moment and gaze into the galaxy while we #reflect back on our week..positives and negatives..and let's #celebrate our #growth! Have a fantastic weekend, and you will always #seehartinart with #veohart
We're Ready to Partner with Individuals, Companies & Organizations, and the Community at Large. #Youth #Kenya #community #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #grow #growth #info #empowerment #naivasha #Nakuru #equalit