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Hecate's Crossroad #QVArmy retweeted
Replying to @ABC7
There was a lot of nonsense said during this panel and it's an absolute shame that @ABC7 did not care to have even ONE Second Amendment Rights advocate present to counter and educate peaceable Californians about the REAL effects #guncontrol does to good people. shameful
@JoeBiden and the #democrats want us to believe that they can protect us from harm as they work to outlaw and confiscate our guns... but they can't even pop a freakin' balloon. No thanks. I'll continue to provide for my own protection, thank you. #2ndAmendment #GunControl
I’m really enjoying tweeting published info supporting the need for #guncontrol. It draws replies from the uninformed gun nuts like honey draws flies. It also draws a lot of mansplaining and angry people.🙄
Ruth Jennings retweeted
This guy here.A Fellow vet said it perfectly. I couldn’t have stated it better. #guncontrol
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Marble 🍊 🇺🇸 retweeted
Illinois LOSES Appeal on #GunControl Law, Leaving Restraining Order in Effect The ruling states plaintiffs had "a likelihood of success on the merits" regarding their argument that the Law VIOLATES the State & U.S. Constitution's Equal Protection Clause…
Think about what happened to the Indigenous People of this Land call America, they represent what happens when illegal immigrants are allowed to cross borders unchecked, it started November 11, 1620. #GunControl #CivilLiberties #Herded #Genocide #Indoctrinated #Reservations
Replying to @Rep_Clyde
How do you know you are not the tiggered 1? I mean look at your response to #Guncontrol, you threw out your American Flag pic for a gun pin? How disrespectful to the Flag is that? 🤷🏼‍♂️🇺🇸 All b/c a dem triggered you.
Hey @javabu, do u really blieve that #EndGunViolence #guncontrol stops #Assassination? #Perp(s) may b #cartel hit contract.
Replying to @JackPosobiec
This tragic loss of the councilwoman highlights the ongoing problem of gun violence in our communities. We need to rethink our gun laws and take action to protect all individuals, regardless of political affiliation. Rest in peace, Councilwoman Dwumfour. #EndGunViolence
Replying to @KPinCalifornia
They have tried, But there is a reason they can't, THEY CAN NOT DO IT LEGALLY! #GunControl is against the law! See how often they failed? They go to prison if they pass them! 20 years of failure! So called Assault weapons are used in < 1.5% of homicides!…
Replying to @GunOwners
OUR United States Constitution does not delegate the power to regulate citizens right to keep & bear arms, & is specifically denied to our government the power to enact such laws by the 10th, and 2nd Amendments! #GunControl is illegal & they know it!…
Anyone wondering what ineffective #GunControl law this Democrat Controlled NV Legislature will pass to address the violent environment CCSD facilitates & most parents are complacent about?
JUST IN: A student at a local north valley middle school was arrested after the discovery of a gun on campus, according to the Clark County School District.
1/6 Last June, in a decision authored by Justice Thomas, SCOTUS issued a ruling that in the next few years will invalidate virtually every gun control laws in the US. The court held in sum & substance gun laws are unconstitutional unless grounded in history and tradition.
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