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And yet the whole #HFSS initiative which even influences traffic light labeling and NutriScore is based on Salt , Sugar and Saturated fat as the guilty partners. It influences millions of buying decisions every day.
What kind of mind could come up with such a thing? "It comes as The Grocer revealed last week Mars’ plans to launch a trio of ‘Triple Treat’ bars under its Mars, Snickers and Bounty brands, **which will be exempt from the government’s coming clampdown on #HFSS** food and drink."
Don't forget to register to our webinar tomorrow, where experts from @PrincesLimited, @Vyprco and @TraceGains will discuss what it take to create winning #NPD in the age of #HFSS and how the rules have changed their approach to innovation.…
Let them eat #HFSS… The Government response to a health crisis about to be seriously exacerbated by the #CostOfLivingCrisis
Let them eat junk food? Johnson seems to have forgotten how obesity put his life at risk…
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HFSS implemented at Wibsey Coop ☀️ A great example of eye catching promotional space within Coop stores #HFSS #Seasonal #Promotions @GavWest1988 @collettdan25 @beth_coddington
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.@GoldenWonderUK has launched Ringos Puffs, a new snack that is compliant with England’s forthcoming #HFSS legislation.
Save 30% off @grazedotcom this week 🙌 Did you know all savoury SKUs are #HFSS compliant? A leading UK #snack brand, with tasty, portion and calorie-controlled, nutritionally approved snacks you really should be stocking...
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With the October #HFSS deadline for in-store location restrictions still in place, Chris Tyas OBE, Chair of GS1 UK, says range analysis and re-evaluation of promotional strategies remain paramount. Visit @TheGrocer's to find out more:
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