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Who do you want to see at the #HRDerby this year? ⬇️
Los participantes que nos gustarían en el #HRDerby 2022: Judge Yordan Alonso (para que haga three-peat) Springer Trout (que deje de ser cagón y participe) Stanton Rizzo Schwarber Que pena Harper y su lesión, también Vladdy Jr que ya dijo no participará
NO PASA NADA Vladdy Jr, tendrás otros años para hacer otra maravilla como en el #HRDerby de 2019
Vlad Jr. will not participate in the Home Run Derby next month to avoid recurrence of left wrist soreness
If they face off in the 2022 #HRDerby — Which NY slugger would win: THE JUDGE or THE POLAR BEAR? ⚾ 💣 💥
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The first pick is in! I’m going with a longshot to kick it off. Will update as the day goes and lineups are in. #gamblingtwitter #MLB #HRDerby
lmao back to back again... #BALTY rolling #HRDERBY
The #HRDerby is happening soon. There will be plenty of moonshots launched. Be prepared to watch it all with some gear that has our 'Big Dinger Energy' design on it! A bunch of different sizes and styles are available, from babies to adults. #ad mlbdailydingers.myspreadshop…
The Redbirds are playing some home run derby today!! #STLCards #hrderby #HomeRun
HR Derby participants I want to see AL: Aaron Judge Mike Trout Yordan Alvarez Julio Rodriguez NL: Pete Alonso Kyle Schwarber Christian Walker Joc Pederson Who do you want to see?? #MLB #HRDerby #MLBAllStar
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Good luck to all but I got my money on my bro @PujolsFive! Let's knock them out of the park! #HRDerby @MLB_PLAYERS
This Ole Miss v OU game is insane #hrderby
RESPECT de los @CervecerosMKE al #CapitanKirk nada por el centro, todo abajo y afuera 2BB… llama la atención como el scouteo ya está haciendo su trabajo con #VladimirGuerreroJr quien simplemente no es lo que fue el año pasado, ¿o será la maldición del #HRDerby ASG 🧐⁉️#MLBXFOX
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