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World war 3 brought to you by #HillaryClinton #BarackObama & #cornpop
BIDEN THEN: Sending tanks to Ukraine means World War 3. BIDEN NOW: So yeah, I'm sending a bunch of tanks to Ukraine.
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Ben gli sta,a #Trump Ma solo io ho visto #assange raccontare in una videointervista di #email di #HillaryClinton in cui la signora scrive: #Qatar e #ArabiaSaudita finanziano l'#Isis? (Oltre che, osp!, la fondazione #Clinton,ma questo lei non lo ricorda) Un #fake? (spoiler:no)
Trump condannato a pagare quasi un milione di dollari a Hillary Clinton
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Because he didn't break the law. Or we can use the #Comey #HillaryClinton excuse. There was no intent there. Are you ready to arrest #JoeBiden, too?
I’m pretty sure #comey doesn’t care, he went where’ve the wind blew and made sure #HillaryClinton didnt get the win she deserved
There was definitely a stolen election in 2016 - it was stolen from #HillaryClinton. Every single individual invoked in aiding #Russia to influence the election should be charged with #treason. Including #DonaldTrump and his spawns. #uspoli #FvckTrump #FvckPutin
In April 2016, I broke the story of Trump and Putin, using Russian open sources. Afterwards, I heard vague intimations that something was awry in the FBI in New York, specifically counter-intelligence and cyber. We now have a suggestion as to why. 0/20
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Most #criminalpresident in the Whitehouse @BarackObama #Shameful #CORRUPTION. He along with #Hillaryclinton and other #criminals help to #commitcrimes to keep another president out of the #Whitehouse.Because he is a snake in the grass #God seen him at the #GardenofEden #obamagate
"But her emails" was not only part of a collaboration between Trump, the extreme right, and Russia (a global center of #fascism) but also a cover for a broader Russian counter-intelligence operation to elect Trump. We dismiss it at our peril.#ukraine #TrumpRussia #HillaryClinton
Thinking about...: The Specter of 2016…
Who is the most corrupt US politician? You can only pick one.
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7.The ASD advisory council includes neoconservative writer Bill Kristol, former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, ex-Hillary for America chief John Podesta, and former heads or deputy heads of the CIA, NSA, and the Department of Homeland Security.
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#MAGA #AMERICA #lizcrokin #pizzagate #hillaryclinton #reawakenamericatour #nashville Nashville Reawaken America Tour: Liz Crokin – What Was Pizzagate Truly All About?…
#HillaryClinton bought and paid for the fake Steele Dossier. She should have been indicted for that as soon as they knew it was a fake.
Lets not forget who the absolute #QUEEN, promoter & beneficiary of the #RussiaGate lies was: #HillaryClinton = ultimate #DeepState #FascistPawn & historical embarrassment to democracy in #USA. Her legacy is as a pathetic fraud & footnote to the degenerate period she co-authored.
Shame on @MSNBC for misleading the public!
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There is something in her face that reminds us of #NancyPelosi , #HillaryClinton , #KamalaHarris and other dems.
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The #TrumpRussia connection gets proven over and over, yet the media still responds as if it's something totally new each time. The facts have not changed since 2016 - #Rudy #McGonigal #Deripaska #Manafort #Comey #PutinsPuppet #HillaryClinton
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Comey appointed the arrested McGonigal. No Russian connection, eh? #HillaryClinton warned us all. How many turned away, preferring blind bias to the truth. #Hillary was Right About Russian Election Interference and EVERYTHING ELSE. Please read and RT!…
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35 Years in the public spotlight and not once did they ever call him a racist..Until #HillaryClinton did.
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🇺🇸 Both #GhislaineMaxwell and #JeffreyEpstein, the two most notorious convicted #SexTraffickers in the world have said they helped launch the #ClintonGlobalInitiative. In 2018, the IG Report cited #HillaryClinton and Foundation and #CrimesAgainstChildren.