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Replying to @TMIJOS
yes museums do include them but we don't when we honor the memories of those we lost. #HolocaustRememberanceDay should ALWAYS include ALL people lost. It does not diminish us to honor their memories as well.
Elie Wiesel: “To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time. Honoured to join 🇮🇱@AmbTammyZiv on #HolocaustRememberanceDay this evening in Prishtina #WeRemember
Replying to @Africa4Pal
One can only agree with a pacifist sentiment. Instead the haters you support chose #HolocaustRememberanceDay to murder at least seven people praying at the Ateret Avraham synagogue. Many of your supporters then tweeted scenes of jubilation instead of reflection upon the genocide
It was #HolocaustRememberanceDay yesterday. We have a shared responsibility today to take a stand and unite whenever and wherever we come across hate, racism and prejudice. We must learn to build a better, fairer, more just future for all. ❤🙏
Self education is good. I read books like "Holocaust rescuers and their stories of courage" detailing awe-inspiring interview's of those who rescued Jewish families. Watch inspiring films like "The Pianist" and "La Vita E Bella." ❤🙏 #Holocaust #HolocaustRememberanceDay
Really concerning @wenig_worte lack of general education #history and as journalist an embarrassment poor journalism you should know it better @francalehfeldt #Auschwitz liberated by #RoteArmeeFraktion #HolocaustRememberanceDay @welt
Es heißt nicht Aus-schwitz, Frau Lehfeldt. Und nicht die Rote Arme Fraktion hat Auschwitz befreit. Ein "Versprecher" ist bei diesem Thema schon schwer zu verdauen an diesem Tag. Aber zwei?
Das sehen Sie falsch , die passen doch genau in unser Land, alle reinholen! #Israel #HolocaustRememberanceDay #HolocaustMemorialDay
Dutzende Palästinenser feiern die islamistisch-terroristische Ermordung von Juden bei einer Synagoge in Jerusalem am internationalem Holocaustgedenktag. Jubel, Feuerwerk, „Allahu Akbar“-Rufe, tanzen, Süßigkeiten.. abartiger geht es kaum noch..
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We remember and Iranians are never enemies to Israel #HolocaustRememberanceDay
During WW2, an entire village stood up to the Nazis. It’s a story you’ve never heard of, in a town you’ve never been to. Instead of fear and hatred, they chose kindness — and saved thousands of lives. A Powerful Thread for #HolocaustMemorialDay
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#HolocaustRememberanceDay Remember the Reason for WW2. The Holocaust was a RESULT of the war like The London Bombings and the Atom Bombs in Japan was a RESULT of the war. The REASON for the war was to defend Nationalism from the Axis Powers & Moslem teammates.
Eddie Jaku was a Holocaust survivor. His entire family was murdered during the Holocaust. After his first child's birth, he vowed to smile every single day, and to be kind and helpful to others. Watch the full @TEDTalk Talk here: #HolocaustRemembranceDay
This is a gorgeous tribute to the wonderful Eddie Jaku, the happiest man on earth. ❤️
Every year on #HolocaustRememberanceDay we must remember those who died because of Hitler and the Nazis. Mostly Jews, but also LGBTQ+ folx, don’t forget. End hate. Speak out. Do not be silent. 8/
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