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💙AvoidThePlague retweeted
This is Hinson's party. .@hinsonashley has yet to speak out against pedophile Gaetz. And .@RepAshleyHinson voted to keep MTG on her committees despite violent & misinformed rhetoric. Greene has gone on to theaten members of Congress since that vote. #IA01 #GOPHypocrisy
Replying to @RepMMM @SteveDaines
@RepMMM @millermeeks this is just sad. No one cares that you hunt. Are you that desperate for attention? This screams photo-op. You couldn't look any more out of place. Seriously, this is just sad. #IA01
🤡🤡🤥🤥@RepMMM @millermeeks why are you at the border? You represent #IA01 - there are exactly ZERO in-person town halls scheduled in YOUR DISTRICT during your two-week recess. Another #GOPClownShow using the border to distract from solving ZERO problems for #Iowa
This garbage bill is the same crap Iowa's lawmakers forced on our schools. 100% in-person or they cut funding. It's another way to divert public funds to private schools. #AwfulAshley is taking her anti-public school agenda to DC. #IA01…
Today, I asked the House to consider my bill, the Reopen Schools Act, to help get students back in the classroom safely. While classrooms & school yards remain closed, child mental health issues are surging. Kids need to be in class! #IA01
DayanaraGray retweeted
Prices are rising at the highest rate in 13 years. The President’s $6 trillion budget proposal will keep driving prices up & weakening our economy—that is exactly what China wants. #IA01
HF161 will harm Iowans & families who are suffering from negligent medical practice. Tell Ann Meyer & other legislators they are wrong to not hold physicians & hospitals accountable.@annmeyer1120 #ialegis @iowahospital @IowaMedicalSoc #Iowa #ia01 #ia02 #ia03 #ia04 @MBousselot
@annmeyer1120 wants Iowa families to suffer financial harm after loved ones are paralyzed by negligent hospitals & physicians.Iowa doesn’t have oceans & mountains. #ialegis #iowa @KimReynoldsIA #hospitalsafety #ia04 #ia03 #ia02 #ia01
Capping Claims At $1M Is Ready For Debate #NewsBreak This Iowa legislator voted to put a $ cap on how much a baby & her family should should receive for life-long treatment due to negligent practice by hospitals & doctors. ⁦@annmeyer1120#ialegis…
MillerK22 🌎 🐝 ☮️ retweeted
You’re there because photo ops for FOX are more fun than working on legislation to help #IA01.
Also, have you found a domicile inside #IA01 yet?
There are lots of nice places to live in #IA01.
@millermeeks is on the COVID subcommittee. #IA01 #iowapolitics
Republicans have created two select subcommittees to stop the weaponization of the federal government and finally get answers to the COVID origins and the federal government’s gain of function research that contributed to the pandemic. I'm proud to announce the members: