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Owen wants to go back in time to an event that I attended. #Ifeelold #ImACeleb
Still trying to work Twitter out #Ifeelold
Hubby: How old is Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas"? Me: It was released in 1994. So about 20 years ago. Him: mean about 30 years ago. Me: No....wait. NO! What the... Him: 🤣 Me: 🫣😵‍💫 #IFeelOld #Almost30YearsAgo #Time
I really want the newspaper so I can look at Black Friday ads. I guess that is a thing of the past. #ifeelold
Had a lovely meal out with friends this evening. We've known each other since our children were at nursery school together. Now our children have jobs or are at university 😊 #IfeelOld
My preteen is texting me and I have no clue what any of these abbreviations are #ifeelold
My 16-year-old son just saw a Simpsons episode where Homer looks at the ink ribbon of a typewriter to see what Marge just typed, and asked me if that’s the typewriter’s search history. 😂 #ifeelold
Tell me howwww the @backstreetboys Black & Blue cd is 22 years old!? 👵🏻#Ifeelold
Replying to @GLYTCHEnergy
It hurts me thinking that there are legitimately people on here that can’t respond to this. #ifeelold
I'm so old I remember when @TheRock was just @KidRock #ifeelold
Lol!! @IAmStevenPotter Midnight yoga... with J'Dilla playing and a star light projecting on the ceiling, I bet?!? Or maybe it should be for next time!! But frfr... Yoga has been the best worst reintroduction into my routine. #ouch #IFeelOld
OMG! Yes, those of course .. when you could buy them as 10 in a pack! #Ifeelold
Replying to @Mukwrestling
Dang, 20 years 🤯 #ifeelold
Want to wish my first born a massive happy 13th birthday love you loads baby girl ❤️ xx #ifeelold
I be on Twitter every now and then but still trying to figure this app out lol 😂🙄 #ifeelold
5th graders @SartoriSTEM are learning outdoors this week @IslandWood So much joy seeing kids in the woods! ❤️ 🌲#OutdoorEd When they spot something cool, the group stops to observe (ex: bald eagle at Mac's Pond!) 🥾📝 (Also, how do kids have so much energy?!? 🥱☕️ #IFeelOld)
Replying to @MattMarabe
NO WAY YOURE 30?!?!?!?! #IFeelOld
Really cool running into some former @DRMSdolphins students working the polls tonight! #ifeelold #ElectionDay
I remember watching this live... #ifeelold
The opening lap of the Australian GP, as Ayrton Senna made a lunge down the inside of Nigel Mansell for the lead at the hairpin, but Senna couldn’t get his McLaren-Honda slowed down enough and Mansell kept his lead. Adelaide, 8th November 1992. #F1