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Does anybody from these high paid bureaucrats have any idea what the inflation is and what cause it? #idiocracy
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Klopt! We worden niet meer slimmer鈫橈笍 #Idiocracy
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If fighting for a better nation where there is Security of lives and properties Well funding of Universities Unity of diverse groups Stability of economy and currency Good roads and basic education makes me an idiot, so be it. #idiocracy #ObidiEND #Obidiots
I was today years old when I learned it鈥檚 racist to ask a POC to control their dog & keep it away from your reactive dog you鈥檙e doing your best to keep away from other dogs. #personalresponsibiltyisdead #idiocracy #smdh
yes it is your fault you had five. responsible non-overpopulaters shouldnt have to help you feed kids you had irresponsibly. #idiocracy
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I read what SAR1 was able to do after surviving and SARS2 has shown since the beginning (2020) it's potential for debilitating sequelae. The western Public Health Organisations were too busy keeping people calm by selling fairytales. #idiocracy
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鈥淭he ignorance is bliss鈥 until it leads to massive losses鈥 side? #Idiocracy
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l'usage du sarcasme, de l'ironie ou de la satire deviennent "terroriste" dans la t锚te des esprits obtus. C'est aussi la voie grande ouverte pour le d茅lit d'opinion et sans l'avis d'un juge (un vrai). #Idiocracy
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Tis a sad commentary on society that you think this is a big deal. #Idiocracy
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Und gleichzeitig sind die Kinder diejenigen, die den ganzen Schei脽 ausbaden m眉ssen, falls das 眉berhaupt noch m枚glich ist. Was ich nicht glaube. Was m眉ssen die von uns denken, falls sie alt genug werden, das zu realisieren. Die werden #DontLookUp und #idiocracy f眉r Dokus halten.
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comfort woman + flexible Chinese nowadays patriotism = comfort Chinese patriotism #Chinese #Idiocracy #Patriotism #WeiboMovieNight22 #WEIBO #ZhangZhehanIsInnoent
Today(8/14) is the Int'l Memorial Day for 鈥淐omfort Women鈥. The Japanese army enslaved women for sexual services in occupied areas of China during WWII(p1). On the same day this year, Weibo is holding a ceremony for movie this evening(p2). Patriotism? 馃檮 #ZhangZhehanIsInnoent