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Replying to @CalltoActivism
No, treasonist trump does NOT get a pardon. If he doesn't get at least 5 years of prison time for that alone, I can settle for him being disqualified from EVER running for office. #indictarrestandconvicttrump
Greg Pastyr retweeted
Replying to @GeorgeTakei
Replying to @CalltoActivism
Can’t pardon someone who is still attempting against US, the most dangerous traitor, an ex-president who is a spy and his betrayal has cost the lives of real patriots. #IndictArrestAndConvictTrump
Replying to @JoJoFromJerz
YES and if anything different #JackSmithDOJ will do as a result, will be to work harder and faster to #indictarrestandconvicttrump because #JusticeMatters
💥💯💥 Dean Thos Govt grifter of federal subsidies needs to be investigated and audited to the fullest extent. COMPARED to OrangeAssTwiceImpeachedGrifterTraitorTrump. #indictarrestandconvicttrump
People mocked me when I suggested we look into whether Elon Musk lied on his citizenship application. (Ok, I was trolling when I tweeted that.) But it's clear from Musk's attack on US military veterans, his connections to Putin and China, he is NO friend of the USA. Period.
jeffrey chism retweeted
Replying to @tribelaw
#IndictArrestAndConvictTrump #TrumpTaxReturns Blah, blah, blah. Trump's lies never stop. Our dialogue should focus on: ● WHEN WILL TRUMP BE HELD ACCOUBTABLE? ● WHO WILL FINALLY HAVE THE GUTS TO INDICT, ARREST, CONVICT TRUMP AND HIS CRIMINAL ENABLERS?
This was about corrupt, disgraced, twice impeached FPOTUS Trump conjuring an extortion scheme to investigate Biden to steal the 2020 Election. This episode planted the seeds of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Incase we forgot, this Hunter Biden stuff was cooked up by Trump and Giuliani.
Em 🌻🌊🇺🇸💪🏼 retweeted
When @elonmusk let Trump back on I inactivated my public fully named account in exchange for this one. I felt the need to hide my presence and become more vocal about Trump. I voted for Trump but now realize he is a terrorist holding the GOP hostage. #IndictArrestAndConvictTrump
#CanWeAllJustStopPretending that Donald Trump is anything other than a criminally insane maniac who tried to overthrow democracy in #insurrection by promoting a big lie about nonexistent election fraud? #indictarrestandconvicttrump #IndictTrumpNow #indicttrump
Replying to @RpsAgainstTrump
It’s obvious that @GeraldoRivera visits the home of Don trump, Jr often, & they both trip out together….& come up with these trippy ideas…. #HellNo #indictarrestandconvicttrump
Replying to @Veroniqueb9
Does a dj play 'hail to the THIEF' for him too? Such a ridiculous embarrassing clown-poser.🤡💩 But then, what a pack of doofus goofballs to worship a con man 'golden calf' 'false prophet' RU A$$et GRIFTER WAKE up people, you're pathetic. #indictarrestandconvicttrump
Rogue Roxy® retweeted
When you think about it, it's pretty outrageous that there is credible evidence that Donald Trump has committed at least 56 crimes since 2015. And he has yet to be charged with a single one of them.
Gary Piacentini retweeted
Replying to @GeraldoRivera
Oh hell NO! The crimes Nixon committed can’t even compete with what trump did. We must #IndictArrestAndConvictTrump