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He always has and still does put others before himself. Constantly supporting and fighting for a better life. We know there was a lot of disinformation/propaganda during the GE19. Much by racist supporters of the FAR-RIGHT in Israel. Hurting the many Jews who do not. #israel
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Israeli reporter denies he’s from #Israel after being spotted by a football fan at the World Cup in #Qatar.
See #Greece maritime borders according to UNCLOS Law of the Sea. #Libya #Turkey agreement is illigal and invalid because it was signed by a transitory gov't that its term expired.#UnitedNations #maritime #eastmed #Egypt #Israel #Cyprus #foregnpolicy
Both maps are false. Turkey and Libya do not share maritime borders therefore a 🇱🇾🇹🇷 delimitation agreement would be illegal and void. Egypt and Israel have only to lose from any illegal agreements with 🇹🇷 in the Mediterranean that do not comply with UN’s Law of the Sea.
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#Jews ✡️ did this & did that, as if there were no other than #Jews ✡️ in this world 🗺️!Pure hate! Even in World 🗺️ cup 🏆, #Jews ✡️ aren’t allowed to attend! Or maximum, will be treated “second” citizen attendance! May Ha’shem ✡️ protect #Israel 🇮🇱 4 it’s the only safe place ❤️
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Boycotting #israel until they break brother Harvey Weinstein out of prison
From every corner of free world #Israel is getting what she deserves. #Palestine #Qatar #ريتكم_معنا
whatever u do team #Fauda a honest advice to @lioraz stay away from #Bollywood here in #India there ship is sinking for there #antinational antics check out @GemsOfBollywood u will get n idea what #india mood is for #Bollywood so stayaway we love #fauda we love #israel
I don't care about #Israel. There. I said it.
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#Palestinians in #Jaffa Protest against #Israel’s Plans to Evict 1,400 Citizens… via @PalestineChron
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Hoy, 148 años atrás, nacía Jaim Weizmann, primer presidente de #Israel, científico y estadista, y uno de los líderes claves en el establecimiento del Estado. Parte de la generación que soñó y vio hecho realidad el sueño de volver a ser libres en nuestra tierra ancestral.
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#israel siglo XXI
Meet Chanamel Dorfman, Ben-Gvir's pick to lead his office at the ministry of national security, who was once quoted as saying: “The only problem with the Nazis is that I was on the losing side” 🤯😭 ⁦@JoshBreiner⁩ ⁦…
אילן שיינפלד. אָב, סוֹפֵר. אֵם כּוֹתֶבֶת.🌈 retweeted
Less than a month after the Israeli elections, domestic schisms are deepening every day. Controversies are boiling over #Israel's character as the democratic nation-state of the #Jewish _People, and the rule of law. @netanyahu's upcoming government is bound to further>>
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Desde el desierto de Judea, los mares de #Israel y las más bellas reservas naturales, hoy te compartimos uno de los videos más lindos que verás hoy: La tierra de Israel desde su lado más paradisíaco. ¡Shavua tov! ¡Feliz inicio de semana!
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Hopefully India will give more focus on #research and #development in this budget We are very far behindour own allies like #israel and rivals like #china in this field #Budget2023