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VeBee🇺🇸✝️ retweeted
💩Nancy Pelosi, 1 of the biggest criminals in Congress says Trump needs to respect the system that "allows him to prove his innocence" #politicalpersecution is the new system being ushered in by Dems🚨 🤷🏻Innocent until proven guilty!? @realDonaldTrump…
Stopthchatter retweeted
It's the fascist playbook. Accuse others of the crime you are committing. The courts are following due process. The due process #republicans refer to as overthrowing government. Talking today to Wolf Blitzer, #Pence decried legal and due process. #January6th
#January6th #Insurrection why is this allowed????
Conversation stoppers; “follow the science” “horse paste” “anti-vaxer” “trumptard” “no one is above the law” funny if not so sad 😭. #January6th #TrumpIndicted #diedsuddenly #vaccines @RepMattGaetz @RepMTG @elonmusk #ukraine @SpeakerMcCarthy #fauci #bailouts #TransTerrorism
I have never woken up in the morning and regretted I was sober the night before. Ancient Wisdom, by @PawPawsgold…
Replying to @TheRightMelissa
Looks like we have another case of TDS Tucker derangement syndrome 😁🔥😄 #rayepps #Tucker #TuckerCarlson #January6th
Replying to @TonyHussein4
While #Republican #terrorists of #January6th are still in office #WeThePeople are in danger
Neil Kurhani retweeted
TOO SHOCKING TO BELIEVE! James O'Keefe Exposes Government Conspiracy to Frame Citizens at January 6th Protest. This is what @Project_Veritas didn't want you to see when they ousted me. #January6th was a setup. A frame job. #whistleblower #FirstAmendment #January6
Replying to @laurenboebert
What BoBo is really thinking: #January6th was just a dress rehearsal. We didn't accept the votes of 81,000,000 Americans. You really think that we'll accept the votes of 12 jurors.
I’m so sick of this crap @heathmayo @Mike_Pence deserves no credit for doing what he was supposed to do on #January6th. It’s the equivalent of stopping at a red light. You don’t get a medal or a cookie. It’s what you’re SUPPOSED to do Stop defining deviancy down and valor up
Standing ovation in the room at @NR_Institute Ideas Summit for @Mike_Pence for carrying forward with his constitutional duty on January 6th and certifying the election of Joe Biden. Deserved.