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Replying to @EliseStefanik
House Republicans will work to destroy the rule of law to protect a criminal Enterprise called Trump, just like the worked w him industry to protect the loves of innocent citizens #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #january6thinsurrection
Another Jan 6 defendant is found guilty Feds said William Calhoun of GA posted on Facebook "Today the American People proved we have the power. We physically took control of the Capitol building in a hand to hand hostile takeover "We shut down their stolen election shenanigans”
Harold Wesley retweeted
#January6thInsurrection attack on LEO by #MAGA demonstrates #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter was just racism disguised as support for police against #BlackLivesMatter - that's how racists work! #CriticalRaceTheory #SystemicRacism
So no pushback on him supporting the twice inpeached Traitor? How bout he cant run #14thAmendment #january6thinsurrection n the MAJORITY of America wants him locked up! @alfranken total crapshow #GOPDomesticTerrorists
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
Protecting a felon…. #january6thinsurrection
Replying to @MurdochCadell
Are you sure? wblwrs wondered about people with military background in war crimes and in an election denying party at @LSBC_Victoria 'spying' on what US c/intel people were investigating. Even #january6thinsurrection all came true and election denying affects Rupert et al too.
Remember before the alleged #january6thinsurrection, when everyone knew #Jan6 was going to be a setup? Sandra knew. @julie_kelly2 knew. Most of us knew. They did it anyway, and there are still innocent people in jail.
Replying to @ElijahSchaffer
Antifa thugs plan on infiltrating the Trump rally and causing violence. Piles of bricks and propane cannisters have been found prepositioned in DC. Looks like @washingtonpost and @NBCNews among others are in on the setup. Spread the word and be careful
Why didn't you honor the @HouseDemocrats #Subpoena they served you with to answer for YOUR ACTIONS of #january6thinsurrection if you preach about the #constitution so damn much about?
Leebo will keep fighting for democracy retweeted… 🎯6 Additional Oath Keepers Members and Affiliates Found Guilty of Charges Related to Capitol Breach 🎯5 Defendants Found Guilty of Conspiracy to Obstruct Certification of 2020 Presidential Election #january6thinsurrection 🔻FAFO🔻 #DOJ
@Mike_Pence asking loyalists if #Trump not to protest his potential arrest. Aren't these the people that wanted to hang him? A disassociation from reality is their common bond in that #WhiteHouse #january6thinsurrection
Sentencing day for Anthony Puma, the Michigan man who had the GoPro strapped to his head running when he jumped through a broken Capitol window on Jan. 6:
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