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Uk electorate are slowly realising that voting for a party to govern and make decisions on your behalf doesn’t stop the super wealthy buying them out and directing the decisions to suit their ends. #corruption #JohnsonLiedPeopleDied #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
Taxpayers have paid for these reports, they are not state secrets and taxpayers representatives (MPs) should be allowed to see them. One can only assume they reflect badly on the current government.…
Looks like they leave their baskets for someone else to pick up. Just like their bills.
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Anyone recall Sue Gray & her report? Wheelie bags of booze? All rules ‘being followed’? He’s still there you know, not gone anywhere - and his replacement will be more of the same. Marvellous. 👍😡🤦‍♂️ #GTTO #EnoughIsEnough
Johnson is taking legal advice ahead of giving evidence to the Privileges Committee. Wonder why that could be? Perhaps in an attempt to cover his blood stained hands. We will never forget. #Partygate #JohnsonOut202 #ToriesOut38
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