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This is 1983....we're saying the same now. The tories...they're the design not the glitch #TearDownTheSystem #KickTheToriesOut #EatTheRich
Neil Kinnock knew the tory master plan back then. He warned us. The working class voted for her anyway
Replying to @SuzieWo20886208
Sadly they're already fixed in every way they can to stay there! 😱 #KickTheToriesOut #GeneralElectionNow #FairVotes
Replying to @ScotNational
"Here's another photo opportunity to keep me in power & crash the public sector once and for all!" #RishiSunak #KickTheToriesOut
And tax confidentiality would have been swept aside? #kickthetoriesout
Replying to @LibDems
My MP is there, not that I'm surprised, they're all nasty/corrupt bastards! 😡 #KickTheToriesOut #GeneralElectionNow #ClimateBreakdown
You've got some fucking front on you. Those souls would hate you lot #GeneralElectionN0W #KickTheToriesOut #ToryMonsters
On this #HolocaustMemorialDay I remember all those innocent people who were killed in the Holocaust. That stain on humanity must never be forgotten so that such evils are never repeated.
Replying to @NadineDorries
So you’re packed up being an MP and became a TV host then? Get back doing the job you’re paid to do #kickthetoriesout
Allan Nicholl retweeted
Replying to @JohnJCrace
Reinforces my opinion of the Tories as being the rightful heirs to the slave traders. Humanity is only a commodity to them, utterly expendable. I'd like to think that the Next General Election will be the endgame for them. #KickTheToriesOut
Replying to @StarmerKier
Hello. A conservative party leads all people to food banks. #UniversalCredit. A conservative party lies and laughs at us over COVID. Now a conservative official pays a fine of 5 million. #KickTheToriesOut.
Replying to @chiller
Yes, true. Dunno where the road tax money goes. It's not like my area/all the south east isn't a giant carpark. Millions upon millions of vehicles #KickTheToriesOut
Replying to @ABridgen
You've broken our health service and adopted at totally failed herd immunity strategy. Look no further. WHO advice is to still wear masks in public areas, vaccinate, ventilate, distance, but the tories chose freedom day. The Tories did this. #KickTheToriesOut
I'm really disappointed the Tories just blocked my Free School Meals for All Bill, but I'll keep fighting until every child gets a hot, healthy meal each day 👊🏽
Exactly the same as Titanic...... Nothing has changed except perhaps the gap between the opulence of the elite and the suffering of the plebs is even greater. We all need to vote against the elite. #KickTheToriesOut
If EVERYONE had the same COVID protections used for billionaires at the Word Economic Forum—state-of-the-art ventilation and same day PCR testing prior to entry, we could significantly reduce the risks of COVID and Long COVID. We are third class passengers on the Titanic.
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