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The damage was already done by #Johnson #Truss and #Kwarteng. What a trio of abominations.
There is no suggestion that #Kwarteng provided any hedge funds or #Tory donors with any insider information, or that any of the hedge funds were trading on the basis of information that was not public. #TrussOnomics cost Britain billions of pounds🤬🤬🤬…
David Simpson retweeted
Think for a moment - it seems that just *two* people, #truss and #kwarteng, have tanked the U.K. economy and put mortgages and pensions at considerable risk. No mandate, no vote, no supporting evidence. Seriously, why are they still in post ? #TrussOutNOW #kwartengMustGo
John Withington retweeted
There's only one thing worse than #Kwarteng refusing to listen to OBR expertise, and that's #Hunt listening to it and then deciding he knows better. #GeneralElectionNow
Hunt Contests Watchdog’s Forecast of 4% Brexit Hit to UK Economy - Bloomberg…
“DEMOCRACY is the first fruit of Brexit. Voters now choose how they are governed” Multiple failed PMs eg #Truss & Chancellors like #Kwarteng, the voters choice?
The ripe fruit of Brexit is ready to be harvested.…
Replying to @julia_reid
You had your #brexit and #ERG dream team. #liztruss and #Kwarteng, that minibudget was the best budget ever..till people looked at detail and saw disaster. Your hard #Brexit is a failure too. #BrexitIsntWorking #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitAusterity #BrexitRecession #BBCLauraK
The #NHS & #social care drive the #ConservativeParty #economic jihadists crazy. They don't want to pay tax for the general good. They view the #NHS as socialist collectivism. It is all about wealth & the individual for the #Tory right. #Mogg #Truss #Kwarteng
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Once again it falls to @PrivateEyeNews to conduct real journalism. 🔴They reveal Kwasi #Kwarteng has had a second job with Cripin Odey's hedge fund as a paid 'political advisor' at £20,000 a month ever since he was elected as an MP in 2010. Oh, is anyone surprised?
David Gardner retweeted
If only they’d voted to put #Truss and #Kwarteng in the jungle, eh.
Replying to @worvictor
160,000 Tory members voting to keep him there eating kangaroo anus.
Replying to @SueSuezep
It’s pretty obvious to everyone, but the government ostriches, that Brexit, #truss and #kwarteng have destroyed the economy. It’s a concern that @RishiSunak @Jeremy_Hunt #cons won’t see it.
Len Harris retweeted
#Hunt is a bigger disaster than anyone could imagine and he had the nerve to criticise #Kwarteng who actually mostly got it right! #ResignHunt!