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Argh as if I couldn't hate him any more!! Perhaps if you weren't treating The Queen's funeral as a laugh then you might have taken your responsibility as Chancellor more seriously! You are a disgrace #KwasiHigh #KwasiDrunk #kwartengMustGo #KwartengOut
Kwasi Kwarteng has blamed the pressure of the Queen’s death for the budget cock-ups. In retrospect, you can see that the funeral really upset him. #CPC22
Charlie, that party voice in his head would be my bet! #RandomDrugTestMPs needs to become mandatory after that shameful performance, and #KwasiHigh should be first to be asked!
He loves a good snort of Charlie too, if the Queen’s funeral was anything to go by. #KwasiHigh when he set that mini-budget? Of course he bloody was! Off his tits, as per usual!
Replying to @JonathanPieNews
#KwasiDrunk ? #KwasiHigh ? #KwasiDrunkOrKwasiHigh ? Complete media silence on this absolute tool’s behaviour at #queensfuneral Of course the same questions apply to his state of sobriety when coming up with this budget!
Replying to @BBCNews
He also embarrassed himself & the whole country with his disgraceful behaviour at #queensfuneral He appeared to be intoxicated on either alcohol or drugs, but why has this not been reported? #KwasiKwartengmustgo #KwasiDrunk ? #KwasiHigh ? #KwasiDrunkOrKwasiHigh ?
It’s complete media blackout is outrageous. I spent several hours replying to tweets referring to him yesterday, making sure I shared the video of his vile behaviour, adding the hashtags #KwasiDrunk #KwasiHigh #KwasiHighOrKwasiDrunk Are all journalists such cowards today? 😡🤷🏽‍♀️
So - if she is not begging 54 mp’s to trigger a general election, then, What the actual? #budget2022 #LizTruss #stockmarketcrash #KwasiBudget #KwasiKwartengmustgo #KwasiHigh
I’m trying to think of the word that best describes today’s Budget and only one does it: immoral.
Replying to @WritesBright
Why would a man who behaved atrociously at #queensfuneral care if people freeze or starve? Was he drunk #KwasiDrunk or was he high #KwasiHigh ? It’s impossible to tell without blood test! #FightBack #GeneralStrike #GeneralElectionNow #ToriesOutNow
The audacity of a man whose behaviour was clearly not sober at #queensfuneral is casting judgement on others in #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis Which journalist has the courage to ask Was he drunk? #KwasiDrunk Was he high? #KwasiHigh #TrussOut #ToriesUnfitToGovern #GeneralElection
'We will make work pay by reducing people's benefits if they don't fulfil their job search commitments.' Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng says the government will ask around 120,000 people on Universal Credit to seek more work.
Replying to @BoDs_Life
Why has no journalist asked about his behaviour at #queensfuneral ? Was he drunk? #KwasiDrunk Was he high? #KwasiHigh Clearly not sober while on the world stage! We need a #GeneralElectionNow #GeneralElection #GeneralStrike #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #ToryCorruption
Replying to @BenKentish
Perhaps he’s still recovering from whatever affected his behaviour at #queensfuneral Why has no journalist asked: Was he drunk? #KwasiDrunk Was he high? #KwasiHigh It’s plain he’s not fit for office! #GeneralStrike #GeneralElection #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis
Kwarteng was off his head in Westminster Abbey and now off his head in Parliament - #KwasiHigh #KwasiKwarteng #kwartengMustGo
Pound hits 37-year low against dollar on huge UK tax cut ‘gamble’ This is what happens when you have a crack head as #Chancellor #KwasiHigh
Barely 200 likes in nine hours @KwasiKwarteng - how I'd hate to be the people trying to paint a positive picture for you of how today's events have been received on social media. Sunak couldn't count but not even he created his own run in the pound - are you still #KwasiHigh?
Replying to @lewis_goodall
Summers: “Between Brexit, how far the Bank of England got behind the curve and now these fiscal policies, I think Britain will be remembered for having pursuing the worst macroeconomic policies of any major country in a long time.”
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Thank you to @KwasiKwarteng In return for 18 months of misery for #Disabled #Vulnerable #Elderly you and @trussliz will remove 150 Tory MPs at next Election. @UKLabour get rid of @Keir_Starmer and you have a real opportunity to do good here. #TrussOut #KwasiHigh #EnoughIsEnough