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"Odious" - The man who 'bought' #KwasiKwarteng.
I've documented 5 sexual assault allegations against Crispin Odey, one of Britain's richest men & a Conservatives & Brexit donor. The 5 women don't know each other. Their allegations span 24 years. Odey says they contain “falsehoods” and “inaccuracies”.
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Sadly, it is the curious fate of every generation to forget the lessons learned by those that preceded it. READ - Telling Tales: #gilts #eur #kwasikwarteng #bonds #inflation #fintwit #recession
Have #SuellaBraverman, #DominicRaab or #MichelleMone got away with their misdemeanours? Will #LizTruss and #KwasiKwarteng be called to public account for their disastrous experiment with UK economy? Will we ever find out who funds the #TuftonStreetMafia think tanks?
What's going on here? .....because the answers will range from inappropriate to downright frightening from our Chancellor #KwasiKwarteng I do think he should be asked to explain himself? @Channel4News
General Twitter consensus on the behaviour of chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng at the Queen's funeral He was having a joke while taking a personal call He was talking to himself He was on something and couldn't stay still He's an embarrassment #queensfuneral #KwasiKwarteng
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Replying to @EmmaKennedy
Of course we know it's over. Never in history has a governing party overcome the polling leads #labour has.I'm afraid #KwasiKwarteng ruined it for us all.Boris w ould have won though.
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Sister @trussliz resigns after firing brother @KwasiKwarteng the blessed one. His reaction 👇👇. Seriously I wouldn't have resigned if I were her, I would have regrouped by hiring only African women to run the UK gov #LizTrussPM #LizTruss #KwasiKwarteng Naye Boris olyaki?
Really it's time for a system under which that could happen, where it would be more broadly open, rather than deciding that once in every so often it's been a certain length of time and maybe there should be one and probably giving it as a consolation to #KwasiKwarteng.
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mad as cheese 🧀 #LizTruss #KwasiKwarteng
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Dear @BrugesGroup Does it bother you at all that both the Australian and Japanese Brexit trade deals have tanked even more than #KwasiKwarteng and his Faecal Event?