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Michelle Obama is the Democrats only hope. #LevelDown
I got the best gift everrrrr! No loadshedding till 6am 😍🎁 #LevelDown
If #astros lose this guy , Crane should sell the team. What a disaster of an off-season #leveldown
Andrew Chafin market heating up now. Mets are among teams in on one of the top lefty relievers. They’ve also talked to Zack Britton (Buck O’s connection).
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Well said. #AbolishTheMonarchy it’s a threat to democracy and a blight on our country. We need to level up, which also means, get rid of the aristocracy, and the Eton boys club. #leveldown
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This ain't an airport, you don't have to announce your departure. Not sure anyone will miss unoriginal regurgitation of other people's DD and research. Peace and be well #LevelDown
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#Labour obsessed with #PoliticsOfEnvy all Labour policies predicated on #LevelDown.
This is what happens after 40 plus years of social destruction - they don't even hide it anymore. Welcome to the UK! #leveldown Not #LevelUp #Harrowcwu
@NickyAACampbell Why invite @carolvorders arch supporter of #Labour #PoliticsOfEnvy #LevelDown politics to discuss @RishiSunak proposals to give all kids the tools for jobs of the future? @bbc5live
#astros are the only 2022 playoff team that has a worse pitching staff for 2023 so far #leveldown
#astros Jim Crane is destroying the team. He’s been outbid yet again. Maldonado cannot be the main catcher next year. Pitching staff is worse with the loss of JV - CF is a disaster. #leveldown
Christian Vazquez to Twins
Without fee paying schools keeping education standards high #Labour can #LevelDown! Exams passes, high grades for all! @Keir_Starmer #PoliticsOfEnvy
Lol that's all u got... Listen if she wasn't every bad name you could think of someone like her should be in blockbusters like playing storm from X-Men or something... But she in a movie called inspection nationwide you say, however, no one has ever heard of it.. #LevelDown
Y’all gonna piss me right off with Bellinger to the Astros talk. Helllll nawww! #leveldown F that S!!
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How these shoes fittin now Russ #leveldown
Because a #Conservative government does not use taxation as a penal tool to ‘punish’ wealth creators. #Labour practice #PoliticsOfEnvy & always #LevelDown. Ultimately taxes will be lower under Conservatives government @DPJHodges @DailyMailUK
Anthoy Rizzo just missed out on making the World Series for the next 3 seasons. #leveldown But seriously it is a good deal for both sides
I am manifesting this ULTIMATE @astros offseason. Anothny Rizzo, Jacob DeGrom and Michael Brantley. LFG! #LevelUp Then all the haters can ramp up their hate and tell me why Crane is the "downfall" of the Astros.....pfffftttt get outta here with that smoke Cu.
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