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Oh my. Well wonders never cease?! "Pro-life" twit @IvankaTrump is a liar and a hypocrite you say? #Hypocrite #Liar #alltrumpslie #fucktrump #fuckivanka
Replying to @OHAOregon @CDCgov
@OHAOregon Haven't you guys figured out already? The majority of #oregon view you as a joke & don't take you seriously 🤣 #fraud #liar #vaccineinjuries
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This is bullshit. I saw videos. They didn’t breech the building but pounded on doors. People inside were scared of yelling women with signs outside. Most were wearing short sleeved t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Dressed for a protest not an insurrection. #Liar
El video de 918191 segundos de yuqi en liar llego a 19K 🥺😊😊 #liar #yuqi
If we’re going back in time… ( Clarence… u need to go back where ur ideas belong..). wife should be hung for treason. We need public hangings for treason. Back in time…#Insurrection #Liar #SupremeCourtIsCompromised
What's heartbreaking, Rather, is that about a million innocent babies were murdered every year. And, you know this, abortion is not illegal, it's just not a federal right. Sadly, it will be illegal in most every state. #liar #misinfo #dramaqueen
Overturning Roe is already unpopular. What happens when local news stories emerge from around the country of the resulting hardship and tragedy? There will be faces and names that personalize our new world. And it will be heartbreaking.
.@AZKellyT You are so full of shit, but go ahead form that committee. I hear Comedy Central needs some summer programming. #Liar #WendyRogersLite
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Sshh, let them believe this, #Liar is the new Churchill everything is tickety boo, more of the same. A 1,000 year #Tory reich beckons.
There is a bit of a myth forming amongst Conservatives that few of their voters switched to other parties in the by-elections. And therefore everything is OK. Fortunately polling exists from the campaign to give us an indication of what happened in #Wakefield. 1/2
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おはようございます😊 昨日の珍道中は珍しくスムーズ🐾 20508歩、歩きました😊 楽しくロケ地を巡り観劇で興奮の1日を過ごしました❣️ ご挨拶させて頂きました雄友さまありがとうございました❤️ ご挨拶出来なかった雄友さま次は是非😊 #室温〜夜の音楽〜 #古川雄輝 #liar #だのだの #リスタ
Barrett said her religious convictions had no impact on how she’d rule as a judge+wouldn’t affect her “impartiality” She’s part of extremist cult rampant w/ abuse allegations Now she’s abused the entire country by imposing her sick beliefs due to her lack of impartiality. #liar
Not the leftist violence you had hoped for eh @GOPLeader The blood bath will come on voting day #liar.
An off-duty cop punched a woman twice in the face at a pro-choice protest in Rhode Island. Jeann Lugo, a Providence cop who is running for a state senate seat as a Republican, slugged Jennifer Rourke, his Democrat opponent running for the same seat.