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Lies lose all their power when the deceived become wise. Come to NSA and learn how to laugh at lies and become lovers of truth. Learn more at: #lies #newsaintandrewscollege #loversoftruth
/end Cracking up🤣 #GustyTrusty Jim Trusty U say? #TrumpIndictment lawyer Attention: #MAGAts U’re Daily #Gaslighting STATs From #GustyTrusty To YOU Bagpipes Full Of💩POO The Answer My Friends IS Blowin’ In the Wind? YUP😁 #lies Confirmed #GustyTrusty KNOWS he has SINNED😁
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Lies #Lies More #Lies and then Some proper #lies Don't be a #Keef Don't #LIE
@ScottAtlas_IT was courageous enough to speak the #Truth in a landscape of #Lies. During the height of the #Pandemic, Dr. Atlas was one of the first voices in a position of power to push against the cult-like "trust the science" mantra.👇
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Pandering to Trumps base 🙄 @GOP #LIES
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@HouseGOP there is no such thing as a "clean" permitting plan. Your usual #lies do not make it so.
This is what interviewing a #LIAR looks like. She says that joining this new group is good. She can't say how good. So why the celebration? What's the benefit? She cannot say. So why the celebration? If joining a group like this is good - why not do the same with the EU? #LIES
😬 sure thing fella!! The covid deaths are 'facts' The smallprint however... "Deaths from any cause within 28 days of a positive PCR test" Let's us know that the facts aren't as straightforward as they probably should be. Safe and effective is also supposedly a fact. #Lies
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@HumzaYousaf doesn’t do apologies just ask the @RangersFC players or the owners of a certain vindicated nursery in Dundee. #lies #humzalies #snplies
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Speaking of hazardous materials, apartment in downtown San Diego filled with mold and apartment management is hiding it. I have proof they purposely hid this to tenants. #SanDiego #moldgate #mold #lies #mold
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You Kev, are one of the many election denying GOP terrorizing the American public. Hope the orange clown takes you and your corrupt Congress down with him! #TrumpIndictment #SpeakerMcCarthy #GOPBetrayedAmerica #lies
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Join us 11:15am HST Sunday, April 2nd, for our verse-by-verse study through the Bible. Pastor JD talks about what it is that we as Christians can do as we see everything in the world today getting worse and worse. #teacher #lies #butGod #Truth #Jesus
Nobody wants you to fight Bitcoin. 0 people. You are either out of touch or crooked/corrupt. Looks like the latter b/c you’re able to speak with the brightest in this space and yet you’re still on the side of the Fed. Protect families from Fed policies IF you’re for us! #Lies
I’m in this fight to put our government on the side of working families. Join our re-election campaign today: