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Replying to @RepMTG
Liar liar panties on fire. Oh wait a minute looking at her there could be another reason she burning down there. #MAGA #CNN #FoxNews #MSNBC
#morningjoe #msnbc And despite what he did on the football field in a sport where 70% of the players are Black, this picture sums up what he really believed behind closed doors. You never heard him speak out against racism.
What @RepJayapal #MSNBC ? America was not built by voluntary and involuntary immigrants- It was built by Chattel slaves. That statement is offensive. #ADOS
@gri61 retweeted
I'm not sure this is a good look for government officials, unless they intentionally want to look like tyrannical fascists. #msnbc #cnn #FoxNews #newsmax #maga
Anna Paulina Luna wore an assault weapon pin at today’s Oversight hearing — less than 48 hours after her state experienced a mass shooting. You can’t make this sh*t up. This isn’t the flex you think it is.
And we wonder why the woke narrative is so prominent on MSM #ABC #NBC #CBS #CNN #MSNBC #PBS
Molten Irony ☮🌲🌊🌳🌎🇺🇸 retweeted
#MSNBC #CNN Basically @GovRonDeSantis borrowed Trump's Sharpie & is rewriting Florida education policy with it. ✔️
Prices are high already. I can't afford to pay 30% more on every thing! I thought Republicans ran on lowering high prices! Liars! #msnbc #cnn #FoxNews #newsmax
The next time you’re at the grocery store, remember this: Republicans are pushing a national sales tax that would raise grocery prices by 30%.
#LastWord #WagnerTonight #Inners #TheReidOut #TheBeat #DeadlineWH #MSNBCReports #MSNBC #MorningJoe #Waytooearly The 2016 Election was a defining moment in the American Fascist Movement. It unlocked the cellar door that had the 1930's American Fascism somewhat restrained.
Interesting that #MSNBC or #CNN have neglected to report on #NewJersey #Republican #Councilwoman #EuniceDwumfour who was viciously gunned down outside her home. #Dwumfour was 30. #AmericasNewsroom
Dear .@GOP - Y’all REALLY need to reassess your position on supporting that traitorous POS. #MSNBC #CBC #BBC
"Yet few Republicans seem willing to speak the unvarnished truth: No party that believes in American democracy should be contemplating the renomination of a man who schemed to overturn the legitimate results of the last election."…