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A.B.E.M.(già dr.eGrazieArcazzo) retweeted
Quando era la nazista #Ucraina a tagliare l'acqua e l'elettricità alla #Crimea tutto bene no? Il bello è che erano gli stessi #media che oggi fanno propaganda per i #nazisti di #Zelensky a raccontarlo. #Putin #NATO #Kiev
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Snicks 🇫🇷 retweeted
Ce #média est financé par les milliardaires même qui investissent dans les substituts à la viande. (Ma vidéo sur le sujet :…) Bientôt, tout ce que vous mangerez financera le train de vie de #Niel, #Simoncini, #Pinault, #Granjon etc. Merci Hugo Clément.
🐷 Pour finir la semaine en douceur, on vous emmène au refuge GroinGroin : un eldorado pour les animaux sauvés des abattoirs ou des fermes intensives. @hugoclement s'y est rendu avec Mauricio, ancien employé d'abattoir, qui raconte ses années passées dans la violence.
Marc Gill retweeted
Replying to @BABDCATHA2
“Labor and its polarising premier” NO @PatsKarvelas you and your media mates pushed that crock, it’s you and your mates who incited the cookers to polarise Victoria. You used Dan as a distraction from scumo’s corruption, incompetence and fukwittery. #ThisIsNotJournalism #media
Nyana Nashiruddin, S.Pt retweeted
Canada is betting big on immigration to fill gaps left by its ageing workforce. Follow us for more immigration news, articles and videos! (📷 Getty/Reuters) #sphere #bbc #getty #reuters #media #articles #news #immigration #travel #canada
Can't speak for CTV, the Globe, the Sun, CBC, the Star .... but Global News sure wasn't told about this. Would have loved to have been there because our audience is interested in what the Leader of the Off Oppo has to say. #media #cdnpoli
Press conference with media in Toronto this afternoon. Let's remove the gatekeepers so we get more nurses, doctors, and skilled workers, and Canadian immigrants can earn bigger paycheques by doing the jobs they're trained for.
Ji Ah💜 retweeted
The power and influence of social #media is known to everyone. Big social media companies had to turn to #web3 and decentralized social media. Check out this article where the name of @TheDAOLabs team leader Malte Cristensen is also mentioned. #DAOVERSE #DAOLabs #bist #sasa #BTC
To keep things fair between channels and users social media must recognize people's awareness on their power and monetizing own content. Read this interesting article of @ahmedbinsulayem, featuring @TheDAOLabs CEO Malte Christensen, about censorship and information cost.
The ABC is Sydney-centric and, hence, insular. Just because Sales has moved on doesn’t mean that the same libertarian-right producers aren’t still there calling the shots. Indeed, one of these producers now runs the whole ABC news show. #media #Australia
does anyone wonder if a NSW election had been held this weekend if @abc730 would have ignored it? unbelievable @FergusonNews and team…
Wow for someone faking pain I am jacked up! #MedEd #media #MedTwitter #medical
#Media – statement by @pothen on the passage of Bill 23: Ontario’s government has lit the fuse on an explosion of expensive sprawl that will destroy much of the remaining wetland and wildlife habitat in Ontario’s most sensitive ecoregions #onpoli…
Scientific breakthroughs in the field of sexology are happening every day, but researchers could always use more funding and more institutional support. Who knows what the future may teach us, but I look forward to finding out #Psychology #media #culture #religions
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