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Je suis La Resistance retweeted
Not only expelled but investigated for why she ask for a Pardon only after 3 days in Congress? #MerrickGarland & @TheJusticeDept are you guys awake right now?
WHO thinks she should be expelled?
jerry amaro retweeted
This is a disgrace. A criminal inciting violence is on the loose and an arm of so called US Justice takes a month off? #MerrickGarland has more and more to answer for.
RETWEET if you believe Merrick Garland is a Deceitful corrupt Attorney General who lies to the Public #MerrickGarland
GOP lawmaker: Our attacks on Alvin Bragg have made him 'back off' prosecuting Trump If #MerrickGarland 2 years ago would have brought charges like it says in the Constitution 14 Amendment Section 3 to those REPs Politicians, they wouldn't oversee Congress right now.
If Merrick Garland just did his fucking job we would've been spared these morons. #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb #MerrickGarland #MAGA #RepublicansAreTheProblem #GOPClownShowContinues #America
I’d just like to point out that Lauren Boebert is more worried about criminal code relating to public urination than our kids being murdered at school with the guns she masterbates to. It’s time to vote people into public office willing to protect our……
PatriotDaz 🇺🇸 Pointing at the Woke, and laughing retweeted
Truth! #MerrickGarland and his #FBI and #DOJ have but 2 jobs: protect the #BidenCrimeFamily and criminally prosecute/imprison their political enemies. Welcome to #PoliceStateUSA under #Democrats.
Replying to @Cernovich
#MerrickGarland forever resentful that he was not appointed to the Supreme Court bench & now his legacy via the Biden administration is now a disaster.
Replying to @gatewaypundit
There was a very valid reason #MerrickGarland who has destroyed his legacy, was never appointed to the #SupremeCourt bench. He could change his damning legacy but he won’t
Replying to @WeHearPodcast
#Bluewave will rise again. But @POTUS's #DOJ #MerrickGarland blew it, so Joe doesn't get my vote. I will leave my vote for president unfilled if Orange isn't in Orange by Nov 2024, in protest of what has become my "single issue." #DefendDemocracy or get out of office.
Replying to @SIfill_
#Democrats cowardice behavior has opened the door for this. @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @JoeBiden #MerrickGarland could’ve prevented a lot of this.🤷🏾‍♂️ 1. Arrest every member of Congress who participated in #January6th 2. Fire Ginni Thomas 3. Fire Louis Dejoy 4. #expandscotus
“US Marshals told ‘not’ to arrest abortion protesters at SCOTUS justices’ homes”…
Replying to @therecount
Dear @ericswalwell, Jim Jordan ignored this subpoena because the United States is NOW, and ALWAYS will be, a LAWLESS country under #MerrickGarland’s watch. You’re correctly attacking the effect but you’re miles away from its cause: GARLAND has REFUSED to enforce the rule of LAW.