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Having a Fr-Can White man accusing Métis of being fake due to family lures (or too little “Indian blood”/too far back) is nothing new. Even Riel was targeted. But to witness an Institute promoting #Métis culture(s) supporting a White men doing the same in 2023 is troubling.
One could attack Western Métis just the same as Eastern #Métis by doubting all family traditions as mere lures. Yes some have abused it, but oral/family trads are the main path used by all Métis —precisely because they stand outside the mechanisms of the Indian Act. @gdins_org
@gdins_org Now go ask your elders how they knew they were #Métis 50 yrs ago, before these modern Métis organizations popped up—East & West. Ask them what terms they used, how many were in hiding or in denial. East & West. Because we know. For example:…
I thus invite @gdins_org to consider why it gives a platform to a speaker spreading suspicion on #Métis family oral traditions (as only lures) which both East/West share as a cultural practice—while only targeting Easterners who still seek formal recognition? How is this fair?
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Bill is (@enge_william) back in action! Exciting times at our house doing a virtual NSMA board meeting! Nothing like Métis politics to motivate recovery. 😂😂😂 #metis
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