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#MitchMcConnell is standing in the way of winning. He needs to go.
Come On, Mitch McConnell, Republicans Need You To Step Up And Lead…
#MitchPlease ! Don't fall for #MitchMcConnell Hail Mary. Run up the score. Vote!
Don't listen to Mitch McConnell. By downplaying Republican odds to retake the Senate, he is trying to lull Democratic voters into a sense of complacency. Don't fall for it. Keep fighting & send him into retirement. After all, he vowed to retire if they don't retake the Senate.
#MitchMcConnell When Mitch McConnell visits Hollywood... he's treated like a movie star: Tooter Turtle.
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#MitchMcConnell knows the GOP is losing because of their Qrazy Policies, Violence against Women, and the trumpy candidates. He lost control of his party. I love he will retire while his Republican GOP burns to the ground for his LACK of leadership 6.5 years! #KyDem #OurBlueVoice
#MitchMcConnell Why does this Dinosaur keep getting re-elected? Could it be that Kentuckians have no brain! 😡
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McConnell is an agent for the CCP and if he isn't he should stop acting like it #MitchMcConnell
It's time for a change in Republican leadership. Mitch McConnell is just a swamp politician that has become rich off the backs of the middle class. Just another two faced slimeball who goes along with the status quo. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! #DitchMitch #McConnell #MitchMcConnell
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#BREAKING:ICYMI-After running around for months hooting and hollering about a “red wave” in November, and convincing some MSMers of the myth, #MitchMcConnell and leading Fox News pundits have now sobered up, and are freaking out over their “QUALITY” of candidates—Trumpers😂
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Don’t rely on #MitchMcConnell . We the people have to do our jobs, he never will🇺🇸