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E with a Be Gee 🦄🛼💥 retweeted
Our Executive Director shared how he was once on both ends of the gun and why he decided to turn his curse into a blessing as a gun survivor & community partner to @MomsDemand #AB28 #SB2 #MomsDemand #CalVip #AdvocacyDay
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Kyle Radigan retweeted
If you’re praying for these mass shooting victims please stop. It’s not working. Get the prayer for dummies book and read it again. This is not pro-life mentality at all. #GunReformNow #StopTheNRA #momsdemand
Guns are the number one cause of death of children ages 1-18 in the US. It doesn't have to be like this - we all deserve the freedom to live fulfilling lives. Here's what we're doing to reduce gun violence and keep our communities and schools safe. #orleg #orpol
This is Grass Roots North Carolina. Grassroots NC supports violent, white nationalism. @AStevens1956 @SorrentinoSean @GrassRootsNC #ncpol #ncga #momsdemand #MomsDemandAction #BanAssaultWeaponsNow
“They’re begging us to do something”: Nashville lawmaker calls for gun reform as hundreds protest at state Capitol- BOYCOTT SCHOOLS UNTIL SATISFACTORY GUN REFORM SIGNED INTO LAW!! Use your power calmly, purposely, effectively. #momsdemand…
NASHVILLE: These chants are echoing through Legislative Plaza as lawmakers arrive at work
Every state. Peaceful protests outside our capitol. #GunControlLawsNOW #MomsDemand #StudentsDemand
WATCH: Thousands of protesters stand outside of Tennessee’s State Capitol standing up for gun control laws. This is a beautiful sight to see.
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Today is a great day to call the office of @SenSchumer & demand he brings S. 25 the assault weapons ban to the floor for a vote. ✅ I just did (202) 224-6542 Put # n ur phone & call everyday until the ban is passed. Expel NRA’s influence. #passtheban #everytown #MomsDemand
#DeSantisDestroysFlorida #GOPGunsOverChildren DeSantis does not care about us. #WomenRiseUp against anti- women laws., Anti- pubEd, anti- medicaid, pro gun culture. #MomsDemand #BanAssaultWeaponsNow #
Florida parents are done waiting by the phone as their kids send frightened texts from lockdown - wondering if they'll ever see them again. Yet @GovRonDeSantis wants more guns on our streets and more violence in our communities.  We're fighting back - VOTE NO ON SB 150.
They know that more guns ≠ more safe #GunReformNow #MomsDemand
I find it ironic the NRA bans open carry at their meetings.
My heart is with the students, teachers, parents & loved ones in Western PA, who are still reeling from what we thought was our worst fear come to life today. Shootings, active shooter drills, swattings & evacuations is no way for our kids to live. This should NEVER be normal!
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Our Tennessee volunteers gathered in Nashville to honor the children and staff members who died at Covenant School this week and to demand our lawmakers take meaningful action to end the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our nation. #TNLeg Join us: Text READY to 644-33.
Replying to @nypost
#MomsDemand and #Everytown crying and moaning once again.