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Ruto has nothing to tell kenyans anymore: Hustler, bodaboda, mama mboga has expired. Now he's busy with huyu. Mtu ya kitendawili Mtu ya kitendawili Mtu ya kitendawili Mtu ya kitendawili Mtu ya kitendawili Nilisaidia rais Finitino. #MwiziWaMaiti #AzimioLaUmoja
Well we love our sugoi dog professor. The revolution is here and it's getting down boy. Get used to your future president mapema #MwiziWaMaiti #AzimioMtaaniMuranga Uhuru Atwoli
English 101 — the English expression “that dog won’t hunt” means “that idea won’t work.” It doesn’t refer to a person as the animal.
For how long will you fake this orgasm. A pathetic process that requires painful realization that Mzee is afterall not hitting the end . This time round hatupangwingwi Itumbi #AzimioMtaaniMuranga Itumbi Murkomen #MwiziWaMaiti
Baba THE PEOPLE’S PROJECT has outlined his plan for the country ranging from infrastructure development to an economic agenda that will touch on various sectors. Also his plans for various welfare initiatives as well as a health insurance programme, #BabaCare 💙❤️ #RedMeetsBlue
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Ruto is a bitter man. For him the presidency is a matter of life and death. We should be very scared! #EarthquakeEffectKE #MwiziWaMaiti #AzimioMtaaniMuranga #NewsGang
Weuhhh! This is scary!
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Such theatrics remind me of the idiot that offered his kidney to jubilee in the 2013 polls. 🤣Ppl just don't learn, now some still risk their lives even after all the DP lies, scandals, the bitterness suggesting man on revenge mission. "Skio la kufa.. " #MwiziWaMaiti
"Mudavadi Be Prepared For Scrutiny On Your Records; Respect Uhuru he has done much more that you in Vihiga" Eugene Wamalwa 🗞▶️MORE ⤵️… TRENDS➡️ Mt Kenya Richard Ngatia NOT A KEEPER #EarthquakeinKirinyaga Baba #MwiziWaMaiti #AzimioMtaaniMuranga
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Serikali ya mama mboga na watu wa bodaboda. #MwiziWaMaiti
Nairobi are you ready? Actress Dorea Chege Kenya aka Maggie from #Maria, has declared interest in the Nairobi County Women Representative seat. It's going to be a tough one this year... #EarthquakeInBungoma #MwiziWaMaiti #EarthquakeInNakuru #JKLive #AzimioLaUmoja #Kenya #KOT