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$BTC Long @ $22,900 Target @ $24,200 Stop loss @ $22,600 #AAPL #AMZN #FB #GOOG #MSFT #TSLA #SPX #NDX #BTC #ETH #XRP #LTC
#ndx #NASDAQ #NASDAQ100 13162 son olmalı ordan yeşile kadar takip edilir
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Bear market rally starts from oversold conditions. #stocks upswing raises enough question marks to make some believe it's a bull market. Cracks in the dam start appearing. For #ES_F #SPX #NDX, it's #recession, continued QT. Mid-Dec analysis:…
$NDX #NDX -"No reason to be possessed with a single direction... listen to the market -it often whispers to you"
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Stocks to GDP ratio is still in bubble territory as well at 160% of GDP, higher than the peaks of the dot com bubble and GFC. The 200% peak was sheer stupidity based on ZIRP, QE & Covid Stimulus. #SPX $SPX $NDX #NDX…
Tonight we will look at Renko charts! It's been a while since we have looked at those! #gold #silver #bitcoin #uranium #spx #ndx #platinum
I don't know, #NQ_F going up or down. However, I am convinced that the 12,400~12,500 points (around 240 EMA) are very important as support for the bulls and resistance to the bears. It is not too late to take a postion after checking the roll of that levels. $NDX #NDX #NASDAQ100
Be careful of fin twit gurus. They usually lie or guess One guy is short everything since Dec. He was max long everything last Jan (peleton, zoom, etc) Another guy keep saying red meat when markets rising. Just be careful as they fk with followers #ndx #spx #nq $ndx $spx
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Clearly wasn't expected, and seasonal adjustments had a hand in it. Wait for revisions. #softlanding run is evident in the #NDX run. While #jobmarket will be tighter than during any earlier #recession, it gives hope of soft landing if you rely on old models, and not tight labor.
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The very strong job report is not expected either I suppose. One way or another one might think or fear, whatever is suitable, that the Soft landing is gaining much more momentum?
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Hola Pablo. Si, lo de Cramer es un problema. Yo analizo el Nasdaq 100 #NDX Ha subido del 10700 al 12900, apenas sin descansar. En el corto plazo, va a descansar. Es en este descanso donde lo tenemos que vigilar atentamente. No debe perder los 12000/11900 Suerte!