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The #NHS is boosting support for those with mental #health difficulties this winter as it looks to relieve pressure on emergency services and improve output. Full story ↓ @NHSEngland #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #Ambulances
We have an exciting opportunity in Carbost Medical practice! To find out more on this fabulous opportunity follow the link below!… #GP #NHSHCareers #NHS #SalariedGP #Carbost
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#FairPayforNursing and all other essential work in the #NHS and other UK public services. We need you. This Govt is plundering the country.
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" YOU HAD THE BEST HEALTH CARE ON THE PLANET" Doctor working in #England states last ten years #NHS has seen significant underfunding. Cuts in funding for staff Cuts in funding for services Cuts in funding for building Cuts in funding for social care #DetestableTorys #YouYesYet
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Amazing opening by @RealAliBishop this morning at this wonderful event she has planned within @SYhealthcare so many inspiring women leaders in one room 👏🏼#NHS #strongfemalelead
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Listen to our CEO Tim Rooney who sat down with @resp_finance to discuss our recently released impact report.… #Podcast #Fintech #NHS #Publicsector
On a day of worrying figures for the #NHS the one that keeps coming back to me is 13,000 people in hospital who do not need to be there Solving the #SocialCare crisis has to be a top priority as it eases so many other pressures #bbcqt
The NHS is heading into this winter with more people waiting for treatment than at any time in history, and they are waiting longer than ever before. Behind the statistics are people suffering, sometimes for months or even years, with their lives on hold in pain and discomfort
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I need a little breather to pull the breath of hope deep into my soul #hope I need to patience as wait for PET scan to move my treatment forward stuck in Hospital #NHS #Croydonhealth #beatHR #London @CPhilpOfficial
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🚨Quarter of all #NHS trusts have opened #foodbanks for staff ◾️Nurses leaving; getting jobs in shops & hospitality for better pay. ◾️1 in 10 NHS jobs vacant. ◾️Consultants hugely reducing their hours due to ridiculous pension fiasco. 👉The Tories have done this to your NHS.
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Congratulations to Bucks' Director of Midwifery, @BeddallHeidi, on being part of the Turning the Tide oversight group - winners of the #NHS Race Equality Award at this year's #HSJAwards. Such an achievement!
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Cabinet minister Gillian Keegan suggested extending ban on police and military from taking industrial action to other sectors Trade unions have vowed to oppose any new anti-strike laws tabled by the government, as home secretary…… #Tradeunions #NHS
Don’t miss this opportunity!! Therapies Open Day on 17th December at Southend Hospital - welcoming final year students. This is your chance to meet the team, and if interested even get a part time role with us. #Therapies #OpenDay #NHS #SouthendHospital
@BBCSpotlight I understand the pressure that A&E departments are under but it doesn’t help when the #NHS close Minor Injuries Units. The MIU at #Bideford Community Hosp was closed at the start of the pandemic & hasn’t reopened. Only choice is to go to @RoyalDevonNHS at Barnstaple
😳 Goodness!! 🤬 💙💙💙 #NHS
The Tories promised '40 new hospitals'. They shut 125 A&Es.
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#NHS pressure is the result of political decisions made by government.
I love teaching medical students & trainee GPs Here’s what I teach, discuss & challenge, that isn’t on the curriculum: Sexism Racism Homophobia Transphobia Ableism Capitalism Deprivation Union Rights All affect patient care & #NHS workers #GP #MedTwitter #EduTwitter