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As this govt flounders around and fails, they will do two things. The ones who know it’s over will stand down. The ones desperate to cling on will want to cover up their failure by trying to legislate away our rights to protest at the harm they do us. It’ll be an ugly 2 years.
Saturday 3rd December is #ToriesOut149 The Tories, trashed in Chester Sajid Javid, the latest rat to jump ship But uber Rat Matt Hancock has the nerve to blame care home staff rather his decision to not test residents before hospital discharge for deaths #GeneralElectionNow
Good morning everyone 😃 I cannot begin to express my disgust, dismay, disbelief at Hancock’s deranged, deluded and disturbed attempt to place blame directly at those who gave their lives and sacrificed everything to care for the dying. Prison is too good for him. #ToriesOut149
Under Boris Johnson the convicted paedophile & ex Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan (who molested a 15yr boy)… was advising the govt on child sexual exploitation. Khan was on the panel until Dec 2020… 1 year AFTER his victim came forward to the Tory Party. WTF! #ToriesDevoidOfShame
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If Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson can’t do an interview without an assistant writing his answers for him on a whiteboard. Why does he get £2m a year?
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Another truly embarrassing piece. Your team have made all the cuts, looted our taxes and built walls in all our supply chains. The have broken everything on purpose because they are bandits and thieves
Heard of a country where the ruling party ruthlessly pillage the state. They exploit the country’s resources to enrich their offshore bank accounts. They throw lavish parties, make their mates and family Lords, all while making their citizens poorer. The U.K., 2022 - Tory style!