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Wendy Mitchell retweeted
Replying to @dom_lucre
Sure they can and many are. Black people are increasingly taking it once step further using the race card & race-baiting so they can then accuse white people of being #racist. This is manipulation & abuse. Classic examples: #NgoziFulani @Sistah_Space #MeghanMarkle @SholaMos1
Truth:Eyes&Actions. I'mNot4every1 retweeted
Been selective commenting on #NgoziFulani ordeal as I wrote a whole BOOK about the “Where Are You From” problem in Brit(ish) 2018 But I did talk to @FemiOke @NPR… It’s not so much The Question, but what it reveals - a perception that Britishness is white
Replying to @SophieCaligirl
His silence on the Harkles is the best strategy. It was the way they handled #NgoziFulani that was a complete disaster. #KC3 and #POW appear weak when they act rashly to try and avoid angering the woke mob. They must ignore the mob as they do the howls of the Harkles.
Curiously lost 🧶 retweeted
Stood on her own? Looks to me #NgoziFulani you were having a whale of a time. This picture was taken AFTER #QueenCamilla’s speech and near the end of the event. This is why she said mixed feelings because she knows there was no ill intent and this is a #SetUp 🤔@MailOnline
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Bonnie Greer retweeted
I wrote about #SusanHussey for @TheNewEuropean...after her tea with #NgoziFulani. I said that she was a decent person. And now #Harry says that he and Meghan love her. UK: This is your #RoyalFamily. They come from here. It's you who have to figure this out. Pronto. #Spare
Harry tonight: “Meghan and I love Susan Hussey. She thinks she’s great. And I also know that what she meant, she never meant any harm at all.”…
#America has its own #NgoziFulani Show me the flag we planted on Mars 😂.. you racists. @NASA @TuckerCarlson
Tucker Carlson's Monologue Calling Out @JacksonLeeTX18's Anti White Bill "Among them would be pointing out @DNC politicians have long bragged that they are flooding this country with immigrants in order to change the demography to maintain political power for themselves."
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And out of the building. There were cultural events, dancing and drumming sessions but no interaction with clients. What a farce. #SistahSpace #NgoziFulani
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Ngozi Fulani Details Horrific Online Abuse After Susan Hussey Scandal #BritishRoyalFamily #NgoziFulani #ArchewellFoundation
👏👏👏👏👏👏 Only racebaiters would disagree... people like #meghanmarkle #NgoziFulani and others should be treated as #Terrorists or #EnemyAgents because that is exactly what they are.
When even race warriors #PrinceHarry and #Meghan say Lady Susan Hussey is blameless in her #royal 'race row' with #NgoziFulani, it's time for Buckingham Palace to give her back her job! Read Richard Kay's article via @mailplus…
When even race warriors #PrinceHarry and #Meghan say Lady Susan Hussey is blameless in her #royal 'race row' with #NgoziFulani, it's time for Buckingham Palace to give her back her job! Read Richard Kay's article via @mailplus…
Send #NgoziFulani a bill or whatever her name is
Yes @GayleKing @Oprah WE'LL HAVE THOSE RECEIPTS NOW PLEASE.... WE CAN WAIT. #Markled #HarryisaLiar #Meghanisaliar #liarsexposed #NgoziFulani #racism #RacistRoyalFamily #racistBritishMedia #racistroyals #racebaiting TRUTH William: "We are very much NOT a racist family".
Yup, #EvePollard actually said that Lady Susan Hussey had to check whether #NgoziFulani (who according to Eve was very colourfully dressed) was suitable to be introduced to Queen Constort Camilla. The irony of it, when discussing unconscious bias.
I would think it highly unlikely that either #Harry or #Meghan would have been happy if The Palace had arranged an apology meeting at Buckingham Palace between Meghan and #JeremyClarkson, (like the #Hussey meeting with #NgoziFulani).