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Russians abroad again: Went for Sunday roast with my parents. Next table - russian woman with Americans. After seeing me walk in, in my Ukraine jumper – she proceede: “Putin & Zelensky agreed to divide Ukraine, but then the nazi government of Ukraine went against this promise...
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Why #Germany and @CharlesMichel don't propose visas for #Iranian ? At least Iranians proofed that they know how to fight against the dictature. #NoVisasForRussians #RussiaIsANaziState #BanRussians #NoRussiansInEU
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Наглі тварі, таргани, лишай, чума, мразі #banvisaforrussians #novisasforrussians #norussiansineu
Do not let Russians fleeing mobilization into your countries. They are not refugees. They can join up and surrender or oppose the war at home
Lost, loster , deutsche Politiker. Solche Naivlinge legen auch ne Plastiktüte mit 20 000 Euro in ihren Vorgarten, wenn’s die “Polizei” rät 😃 Wir werden von naiven #Idioten regiert. #NoVisasForRussians
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*Fuçk no*. They can stay and fight Putin and his filthy band of criminals. Or are they planning to leave that to Ukraine? #NoVisasForRussians
Russian citizens with active Schengen visas will not be able to enter Lithuania starting on 00:00 Monday:
Belgio, Danimarca, Repubblica Ceca, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Paesi Bassi e Slovacchia non accettano più domande per visti turistici da parte di cittadini russi. E l’Italia? 🤔 continua a rilasciare visti vanificando l’effetto del blocco degli altri paesi. #NoVisasForRussians
Belgium, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia no longer accept documents to provide tourist visas for Russians. The Russians have longed for it so long. Here we go, and the restrictions should be continued.
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Como é que esta canalha não é deportada?! Depois de limpar as coisas com uma escova de dentes, claro. #russians #Orcs #NoVisasForRussians #EU
Russian tourists in #Europe vandalize on the streets So the "real patriots of #Russia" decided to express their unnecessary opinion on the streets of #Barcelona and painted a volunteer center that helps refugees from #Ukraine with Putin's "Zwastika".
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Russia is becoming a pariah, you’re alone #russiaisateroriststate #PutinWarCrimes #NoVisasForRussians
Interesting 🇺🇳 vote on whether @ZelenskyyUa 🇺🇦 as an exception to the rules should be allowed to address the General Assembly debate next week by video.