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Eric Trump Seems To Be Having Some Issues After His Dad’s Indictment Eric has been turning up on Fox and Newsmax and giving some bizarre interviews while trying to defend his dad’s indictment. Butthead is stunned his dad has been indicted! Haha 😂 #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue
Lindsey Graham Is Not Doing Well As He Tells Trump To Punch A Cop Sen. Lindsey Graham appears to be struggling with Donald Trump’s criminal indictment as he advised Trump to smash windows and punch a cop. Haha 😂 #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue Graham tweeted:
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC
On the way to the DA’s office on Tuesday, Trump should smash some windows, rob a few shops and punch a cop. He would be released IMMEDIATELY!
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End the Filibuster!☮️ 💔🌈🛶🚭🌊🇺🇦 retweeted
Why did Gini Thomas the wife of a Supreme Court republican, judge Clarence Thomas, need $600,00.00 dollars from donors? Why is Gini Thomas taking dark money, knowing her husband can be swayed by donors? #OurBlueVoice #DemVoice1
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Trump is being told by his former lawyer Jenna Ellis that he is at war and he should not surrender to the police. Bad advice from a bad lawyer! Fight the indictment and police will come and take him away in hand cuffs! And he will face no bail! #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue
Trump should refuse to surrender to New York and use this opportunity to work with DeSantis, who has said Florida will not assist an extradition request. If Trump is REALLY going to fight against weaponization of government on on behalf of America, take DeSantis’s offer and……
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Eveline Johnson retweeted
Faux News allowed Hannity, Tucker and others to spread false news to their viewers…But, when deposed they all piss their pants in fear! Funny how the real truth comes out! FOX NEWS needs to be shut down for lying to the public. #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue…
Fox News Loses Big As Judge Rules They Have No 1st Amendment Protection In Dominion Lawsuit A judge has rejected Fox News’s argument that they are protected by the First Amendment and found that the Dominion lawsuit can go to trial. #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue
Marge calls for the prosecution of President Biden in response to the indictment of Trump. She’s batshit crazier than originally thought! One would think it was Biden who was prosecuting Trump the way she talks! She can’t handle truth about her boy! #OurBlueVoice #ProudBlue
Impeach Biden. He’s given us every reason and the family banking records and more are giving us receipts. But now that the gloves are off.. Prosecute any and all crimes. Enough of this witch hunt bullshit.