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@CNN @MSNBC #Partisan Be Better. #POTUS has accomplished so much in 2 yrs and ALL you want to talk about is the #CRIMINAL orange clown.
It's remarkable that in 2022, after suffering a humiliating defeat in 2020, and after inciting an insurrection, stealing top secret government documents, and committing untold other crimes that are under investigation, Donald Trump is getting 10-1 coverage over President Biden.
#BreakingNews: You have the right to retweet and like the #partisan hackery of Charlie Kirk, Dworkin, Dinesh D’Souza, and Brooklyn Dad — and to reward monumentally unprincipled content by the puerile desire to *own* the dying (R) or (D). @UnrealAllan @nickgillespie @andyjabbour
Since media has become extremely #partisan they focus on either one or the other politician, much like people these days. Rather, it should be that we look at people first & see what is & is not working for everyone & find productive ways to change it. #Poverty hurts everyone.
#Ukraine: Some more video of this 122mm 3-tube MRL, which is designed to be deployed (and packed up) very quickly to avoid counter-battery fire.
#Ukraine: The procession of Syrian-style weapons in UA continues- a lightweight 122mm MRL made from damaged Russian BM-21 Grad launchers and a pickup truck is seen in action. This vehicle is called "Partisan" and is used by a highly mobile unit of the Ukrainian Army.
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Court and documented mask abuse ahead. We're excited to show how Mount A is abusing students with harmful masking mandates and how the decision was rooted in partisan kickbacks. See you soon. #corrupt #criminal #partisan #kickbacks
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@andyjabbour @raquellrussell @huntleja @Bryan_275 Two things can be true: Andrew Yang should be more specific about his party platform; #partisan antiquities of the old dying parties don’t have to be a rote, Jim Acosta-cheering-section, ignoring the percentages. #EndTheDuopoly
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Part of what's making it so hard for us to change gears is the idiocy of two years ago. When #COVID19 prevention became a #partisan issue, it pretty much guaranteed we'd find it difficult to stand down when it was time.
The prisoner filed the paperwork. That was an order that was required to be upheld, you damned #ignorant #partisan #liar.
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All, we will now return to our #regular #progressive radical tweets. For overtly #radical #partisan tweets, #follow my doppelganger @PartisanPeter. Thank you for bearing with us these last seven days. May @PartisanPeter not wish #snark on anyone, especially followers of tfg.
#TaxTheChurches that have become NOTHING BUT #Partisan POLITICAL OPERATIONS. DO IT NOW. @IRS_CI