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"Disaggregation of Public Health Data by Race & Ethnicity: A Legal Handbook" - Tool for state, #tribal, local & territorial #publichealth practitioners & attorneys... the role of law in collecting & disseminating #data disaggregated by race and ethnicity" #healthequity
The @WHO Executive Board #EB152 approved a resolution to safe, effective fortification of foods to reduce the prevalence of #spinabifida #anencephaly a priority. Joint advocacy between #neurosurgery, #globalsurgery, #Pediatrics, #PublicHealth is powerful! @AANSNeuro @CNS_Update
I think we increasingly understand in #PublicHealth that our research & recommendations are (in practice) only as good as their communication. Researchers came to understand the profound importance of equity in the fight against #COVID19. How do we effectively communicate that?
Join us for "Media Messaging on Equity: How do we do better?" on Monday, March 6 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm for a dialogue on media’s handling of equity issues, including health equity, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Register here:
According to UNICEF, Nigeria accounts for the third highest number of women and girls who have undergone FGM worldwide. This year, we want to shine light on how men especially Nigerian men can help eradicate FGM and meet 2030 goal. #MenEndFGM #publichealth
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European Citizen's Initiative: Call to achieve a tobacco-free environment and the first european tobacco-free generation by 2030 #environment #health #PublicHealth
Would you refuse to shake Donald Trump’s hand if you met him in person?
🚨URGENT🚨 Only 17 MPs have signed up so far for briefing on #ClimateAction & #Health by @DrGregorSmith @EllaRobertaFdn @KevinClimate @Richard56 on Tuesday so please do this today - takes <30 secs… #NHS #publichealth #ClimateCrisis
What context does this gif have in Becoming Dr. Health Equity Jazz - Issue #6? Subscribers will know tomorrow at 8:30am. Not subscribed? There’s still time! Head on over to…. #PublicHealth #DoctoralJourney #HealthEquity #DrPH
It is easy for the body to become dependent on many things, food, sugar, medications...we need to start looking at things like social media as even a healthcare intervention and study the way it affects people #publichealth
Email to signup for the February 2023 Workforce Development Series! #RSVP #PublicHealth #WorkforceDevelopment #BRHPCHealth #NSU
जनसैलाब का प्यार इस कदर मिलता है सारे जहां की ताक़त मिल जाती है @BJP4Delhi @blsanthosh @BJP4India @BJPMahilaMorcha #ModiOnceAgain #BJP #publichealth #महिला_उत्थान_मंडल