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Ik zie vooral overeenkomst tussen leden van FVD en Russische trollen. Opsluiten is nergens voor nodig. Ga Forumland oprichten in Rusland. In dat land voelen jullie je thuis. #PutinWarCriminal
Russian Nazi terrorists destroyed a hostel in #Kharkiv. Many dead and wounded. #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinWarCriminal #NaziRussia #Putin #Russia #StopRussiaNOW
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Nun, dass P. einen Stellvertreterkrieg gegen den Westen führt, ist wahr. Im Stellvertreterkrieg braucht es einen Gegner, das ist die USA. Auch USA sieht größte Bedrohung in Russland/China. Auf wessen Seite steht wsws, nicht an der von #PutinWarCriminal und nicht an Natos Seite.
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Ich denke vielen ist noch nicht die Tragweite dieses Verbrechens an der #Ukraine durch die #Russen so richtig bewusst. In der Ukraine passiert gerade ein massiver Völkermord! #FckPutin #Putin #StopPutin #PutinsKrieg #PutinWarCriminal #russia #WarCrimes #Russland #Genocide
Es ist ihre Schmerzen, die wir versuchen, nachzuempfinden. Es sind ihre Familien. Es sind ihre Väter. Es sind ihre Mütter. Es sind ihre Kinder. Wir sind Zuschauer, eines der größten Verbrechen der Menschheitsgeschichte. Es ist unsere Verantwortung, ihnen beizustehen. Gott🙏
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Ma per quale ragione dovrebbe fottermene qualcosa dei tuoi video, quando potrei guardare direttamente quelli Sputnik, nel caso mi venisse voglia di intontirmi di merdate propagandistiche? 🤔 #PutinWarCriminal #Putin #Russia #RussiaIsATerroristState #Ucraina #NAFO #Zelensky
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La mobilisation forcée dans les villes occupées se poursuit. À #Lougansk, les hommes ne sortent qu’en cas d besoin urgent. Les 🇷🇺 «chassent» les jeunes parents, les attendent juste à côté d jardins d’enfants, Serhiy Haidai gouv #Lougansk #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinWarCriminal
Forced mobilization in the occupied cities continues. In Luhansk, men go outside only when urgently needed. Russians "hunting" for young parents, waiting them right next to the kindergartens, - Serhiy Haidai, Luhansk governor #StandWithUkraine
russian government increasingly sounds like imbeciles. Have you been asleep while the West transparently sends weapons and ammunition? A few corrections: - Criminal = russia - Kiev = Kyiv - Regime = Kremlin and #PutinwarCriminal - War crimes = russian MO Get it right.
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Nothing to see here just a reminder of Russian orcs posing for photos and looting on #MH17 crash side. #TerroRussia #RussianWarCrimes #PutinWarCriminal
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Die "armen" Soldaten. Wieviele #Ukrainer sie schon ermordet haben interessiert sie nicht. Hört endlich auf, für den irren #Putin zu kämpfen. #RussiaIsATerroristState #Orcs #PutinWarCriminal #Ukraine #visabanforrussians #visaban #armukraine #StopRussiaNOW #UkraineWillWin
Russians begging the US and UK to stop sending weapons to Ukraine that kills and injures Russian soldiers... Then your government to gtfo out of Ukraine then. Stop fighting for the maniac Putin. #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussiaWar #FckPutin
Yeah, right. Lol. A more democratic world for all people and cultures - except Ukrainians, smaller countries Russia wants to invade, LGBTQ community, and anyone standing up against Russian terrorism & murder. Not those people. #RussiaIsATerroristState #PutinWarCriminal
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Zoiets overkomt het vaakst fvd'er, #poetinlover van #PutinWarCriminal lijkt het wel.
5 persone sanno le cose come stanno, ma le altre 95 imperversano sui social e prendono a bersaglio #Draghi come se fosse il responsabile di #PutinWarCriminal , fosse a capo dell'ENI, ENEL e di qualsiasi Ente o società Stato Estero Che gente c'è in Italia?
Russia warns of a nuclear catastrophe at Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Russia has everything to prevent it: it has occupied the plant since February. Withdraw all military personnel from there, take away weapons, release Ukrainian NPP workers kept as hostages. Very simple
Stop issuing visas to russians. The whole world feels the consequences of the russian full-scale invasion. Should citizens of russia still be able to live a normal life? #PutinWarCriminal @larsloekke @AnderssonMagda @IsabellaLovin @margotwallstrom @MPPeterE @AnnLinde
Ma questi Russi la finiranno un giorno di mentire così a spada tratta? Sono vomitevoli questi assassini nello scaricare le loro colpe ad altri! Dove sei giustizia divina? #lariachetira #tgla7 #putler #PutinWarCriminal
Russia Russia Russia, how much longer does the globe put up with this shit? #PutinWarCriminal
Chi vuole aiutare la l’utile idiota?#Medvedev #PutinWarCriminal
L'ex presidente e premier russo #Medvedev che tra gli (utili) idioti si fa sempre più spesso notare, esorta gli elettori europei a punire con le urne i governi "idioti" (perchè lanciati verso un inverno al freddo al gelo) #Russia a gamba tesa #Elezioni2022