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Everyone MAGA keeps supporting Trump. Answer me this. Trump supported McCarthy's Speaker bid, McDaniel's reelection to RNC Chair and longtime warmonger Graham. Please explain this, because it's not #AmericaFirst. All 3 of them are #rinos For #MAGA it won't work.
Cher Mann MAGA🇺🇸🇮🇹 retweeted
Agree. The #RNC is like the #RINOs in the Senate, they say the right things to get re-elect and then do the same old crap again. #RonnaMcDaniel has lost badly in 3 straight elections, while she has personally triplied her own salary to $400,000 a year.
They had enough payoffs to keep the same loser in there! Disgusting how they don't and won't listen to their constituents!!!😠
Replying to @CPTOshaughnessy
President Trump's choice's will become more clear over time. If you want to drain the swamp you're going to have to use some swamp creatures. It seems counterintuitive at first but that's the only way. #rinos are a big problem.
Replying to @ProudElephantUS
Q:”Why do so many people still support Ronna McDaniel?” A: NOBODY except #rinos & swamp uni-party politicians support her. Oh.. i forgot about Trump 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #RNC #rncchair
Clearly with so many #RINOS voting for corrupt McDaniel we see that the swamp is on both side
Replying to @ProudElephantUS
The RNC held their election event in CA. We should have known the fix was in. Not many #Patriots to heckle them after the fact. BTW - it is probably against the law for true Patriots to peaceably assemble in CA. The #RINOs are still in charge. No donations from me. #AmericaFirst
..::ELPANAMEÑO::.. retweeted
Well there you have it. We just got McSwamped! #RonnaMcDaniel #CrookedGOP #RINOs
BREAKING: Ronna McDaniel has been re-elected RNC Chair
Liberty🗽Bella - America First! retweeted
Replying to @JackPosobiec
#DefundTheRNC If you are a small Republican donor and voter, understand that 111 committee members decided that your opinion doesn’t count. Not supporting the #RNC just means you aren’t a sucker. So don’t be a sucker for the #uniparty #RINOs. We can have our own orgs.
Replying to @ScottPresler
Based on these results TODAY IS THE DAY for Conservatives TO LEAVE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Corrupt GOP leadership made it such an easy decision. #RNC #rncchair #rinos
Replying to @officer_Lew
who's gonna stop the #RNC and all #RINOs
🇺🇲MAGA PokéMom🇺🇲 retweeted
Harmeet Dhillon deserved it and they KNOW it. I'm done. #RonnaMcDaniel #RINO #rinos #RNC #republicans #StopGivingMoney #rncchair
Replying to @DrShayPhD
I an now Independent, as a legal immigrant from communist country i voted Republican since becoming a US citizen in 2015. I now clearly see how corrupt this party it, I’m done. Such disappointment with my American dream. Argh.. #rncchair #rinos
I’m DONE with GOP 👋🏼Newly INDEPENDENT voter. They clearly dispise their base. Such arrogance is what will put the end to this corrupt party 🍿🍿🍿 #rncchair #rinos
RNC results: Ronna 111 Harmeet 53 Mike Lindell 4 votes The RNC has made the message clear that they have contempt for their voters and their small dollar donors.
Give her a last chance? But I think as long as the corrupt #rinos who backstabbed President Trump is voting for her, she will be re-elected again and again. If she blew her chance again, maybe recall her, not sure if it is possible.
What do you think about Ronna Romney getting re-elected to the RNC chair?