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2022 e alcune piscine aperte al pubblico non fanno entrare una famiglia poiché il padre è nigeriano. #racism #blm #astilido
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In the last Chelsea match, Son Heung-min was racially discriminated against by a Chelsea supporter #thfc #Tottenham #racism #football #son #spurs #PremierLeague
Esas amistades/familiares no puede haber peor gente loca y se creen uff perfectos! #detestable #mexicans #WorstBehaviour #miserables #kickintheballs #Racism #Hipocritas #Bye Dejen de estar molestando pero no de morir 🥺 enfadosos.
Ask women like #paltrow #aniston #MargotRobbie whio love pat the back of #BradPittIsAnAbuser alcohol addict brain damaged #Hollywood actor #caa using #weinstein PR crisis. Ask these women how they hate women protecting theirs kids + kids of colour from abuse and #racism.
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I am assuming that that the attraction of allegedly kicking or beating your wife on a private plane is that it's a small enclosed space where she can't escape. Also if you are a very famous person you know there's no paparazzi on the plane to get it on film. #IStandWithAngelina
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I saw someone acting racist to Sonny. Being the object of hatred because of different races is a pain that cannot be expressed. I'm stand against racism. We all have the right to be respected. We are very disappointed about this situation, and want club take some action. #racism
직캠 보는데 명백한 인종차별 증거 다 있구요 경기장 영구출입금지 시켜야함
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@Twitter I didn't know you allow racism on your website... Not allowing people entrance because of a specific skin color is ok on Twitter? Wow! #racism #twitter #discrimination
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And then you have the father being a racist.#BradPitt #racism
Been saying for years that Brad is a closet racist. He defrauded African Americans out of their savings, he white washes movies he stars and produces. And now he racially abused his adopted children. #racism #BradPitt #AngelinaJolie #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #abuse
This is & will always be a travesty, it’s time to do a deep dive on the #US judiciary, the home of institutional #racism. I believe the issues is more widespread than they care to admit.
Two former Pennsylvania judges who were sentenced to decades in prison for sending children to detention centers in exchange for kickbacks have been ordered to pay more than $200 million in damages
So the trafficker got promoted. What happens 331 victims? I assume they get transferred to a legal detention centres where they be exploited by the Libyan authorities. #Libya #racism
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#somalia #Eritrea & #Ethiopia. A week ago he received an exceptional rank of lieutenant-colonel and this is a perfect example of promoting the cruelest human traffickers in Libya just like the UN-sanctioned #Mohamed_Alkhouja running the directorate for combating illegal migration
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Convert to #Racism Surely tory dna.